I am the God of death in online games

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Help the elves defeat the holy beast, the dark dragon king. There will be generous rewards after completing the task. .

Help the elves defeat the holy beast, the dark dragon king. There will be generous rewards after completing the task. . Caution: The strength of the Holy Beast Dark Magic Dragon King is incomparably strong. Please consider carefully. .~ .0. Task Rewards: The player will be successfully transferred to the role of Dark Dragon Slayer. "Dark Slayer..". The difference is too big . It seems that this task is to use the magic of the Dark Dragon King to inspire my transfer task. . It's not really about the elves. . If you turn me into an elf mage,plastic pallet containers, I will be depressed and nod and press it. . Hope ’. I'm in line After taking over the task.. I suddenly remembered. . All around here is Hui ~ . Taste it .. Began to search quickly. . After all,ibc spill pallet, there was just a big explosion here. . Why don't you hurry up? . Wait for other players to come and grab the goods with me. . That would be terrible. . And here are all the world's masters. . How can I be conceited? . I don't think I can pick all the people in this competition. . Quickly put away the things on the ground. I didn't even look. . Put this precious thing in the ring. . The fairy princess watched me pick up something on the ground. . Blush :. It's almost time to come. . Thank you for your help. . The Elves will always remember. : Get your.. Say.. The fairy princess's body began to glow green. . Slowly it became time again. . "Hello..". Tao . But the elves MM didn't answer me. Only ...|+ . Turned into an ordinary stone. . Depressed looking at what I took. Address and time . There are no coordinates for the Elf Sanctuary. . If so . How can I do the task when the Dark Dragon King destroyed the elves? . I failed my mission . What about me? :. However. I just finished collecting the items and the medallion. . Elf Princess Gang + .:. The big information box popped up in front of me. : Player Sakurahime Inoue is using Emergency Summon on you. Do you accept it? Terrible lt; Chapter 157-Mission NPC (-Read the web) "Yingzi.". Would you like beef or mutton? .| "The mutton seems to be delicious to roast." Yingzi sweetly pressed her little white chin with an index finger of onion jade. Cute way . "All right then.". Just use this bag. :.. Wrapped up in as much paper as a kilo. Bait to tempt the sheep monster. . "Brother..". Do you want to use the whole bag? ... I don't know.. It should be.. Or they won't come even if they don't have enough sheep. "I said.". Turned the bait over. . Heh . There are instructions on it. . Please mix the bait powder with water. Every 1 liter of water with 1 kilogram of bait powder. Use every temptation 50 liters is enough. "Only 50ml.; _" I don't know. Maybe it's a cute little lamb. . Giggle "Sakura:" "Shit.." It's not enough to eat. "I took out a pot gloomily.". Throw the whole bag of baby powder in. . Conjure some clear water with magic. . I took my one-handed sword and opened it. The boy looked at the bait in the pot with a smile. Laughing in my ear from time to time. . "All right..". It's a strange smell . I realized with my nose. ::. No, it's not low. . And most of them are. BOSS. We need to be careful .” "En." Yingzi nodded sweetly. I ran back to the cave with my little black egg in my arms. . Ever since Yingzi saw the egg, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bins, she couldn't put it down. . Laughing and laughing, he wrapped the little black egg around his chest, which was as big as an egg. . It's like trying to hatch a little black egg on your chest. . Every time I see her there The E cup breasts were squeezed and enraged. I want to spurt blood . But it's not easy to tell her. . However, the little girl seemed to have no idea that she had a fatal temptation to men by doing so. . Running around with a little black egg in his arms. . Laughing and laughing from time to time . Left the pot of bait water outside the cave. I'll be there The 50 skeleton assassins are positioned near the decoy water. Just waiting for the monster to come closer. . Today is the night of the first game day. . + + Prepare to descend the mountain . And our team has successfully owned it. 15 Teruaki. According to the specifications of the competition . We're out of the siege. . But not until 21 game days are completely over. We can't be released. . And the lightness of all the masters in our world will be shown to players all over the world at any time and anywhere. . The system will extract some wonderful clips to play to the outside world. . Then the outside world can also know the progress of our team. . For example, I was assigned to a team with Yingzi. . Has been obtained 15 Teruaki. These things . Everyone on the outside is fully aware of it. . And the wonderful scene that I just robbed the consumables store was naturally cut out. . Broadcast to the outside world as an expansion pack. . This will undoubtedly be my man's point. . All the players in Death Union and China are cheering for me. . Let Yingzi hide in the cave first. After all, I and her strength difference is not a small section of Yingzi obediently nodded. . Know that if you really meet a more powerful one outside. BOSS. + + She might hold me back. . In fact, this is why it is much more fun in the fantasy world than in the ordinary world. . Because all the world masters here can experience the previous game just started. . The feeling of being afraid of being killed everywhere . Most of the masters . Since the rank is high. . However, this time I came to the dreamland. . In the face of a lot higher than their own level of strange and. BOSS. The challenge and excitement brought by this belt is no less than that of the players. . You know .. u. Yes The blue is only floating there in the morning of 60. And the others are even more. Level 50 Hidden in the dark, my cold claws are unsheathed. Staring carefully at the basin placed two hundred meters away from the cave. . To be honest,collapsible bulk containers, the smell of the basin is really strong. . Even standing so far away, I can clearly smell its coquettish smell. . A slight frown. . I stared into my eyes waiting for the so-called . After all, always eating scallion oil and steamed buns is not the way. . And I don't want to be a loser. . "Brother Death..". Careful .. A reassuring gesture. . Caught in the shadows again. . Stay where you are . Waiting for the Three Faun + . + Came from the ground . I frown and stay where I am. . Be on guard all the time . Sure enough.. Less than ten minutes. . With a small array of numbers coming from the forest : | gt; Tight . Both eyes are tiny Mi.. With my nervous expression. . The next moment . Out came a golden lamb. … — binpallet.com