Ao Feng Ao Feng

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Ao Feng saw a flower in front of his eyes, and a man's figure appeared in his field of vision. The man was dressed in a hemp robe, with a black belt around his waist, black gloves with bare fingers, clogs on his feet, black hair fluttering, and a cold and clean temperament like a pin

Ao Feng saw a flower in front of his eyes, and a man's figure appeared in his field of vision. The man was dressed in a hemp robe, with a black belt around his waist, black gloves with bare fingers, clogs on his feet, black hair fluttering, and a cold and clean temperament like a pine after snow, which was much more indifferent than the blue lotus. In front of him, a flying sword with white divine power steadily blocked Ling Bing's attack. Blue Sky, it's you. Ling Bing fundus once again appeared shocked, the words did not finish, behind Lan Xiu's divine power will hit him heavily on the body, he mercilessly patted out more than three Zhangs, mouth spurted a mouthful of blood, it is not easy to stabilize the body. Ao Feng, who had escaped the disaster, exhaled in shock and looked at the sudden appearance of Tianya Jianzun, who had saved himself, and could not help blinking, Blue Tianya? Is Tianya Jianzun a member of the Lan family? When Lan Xiu saw that Ao Feng was all right, he settled down a little and flew over. Tianya, long time no see. When Lan Xiu saw Tianya Guozun, his eyes lit up. A rare smile appeared on Tianya Jianzun's face, and he was very happy: "Brother, long time no see." Eh? Ao Feng clearly heard two people's dialogue,collapsible pallet box, can not help but be stunned, followed by a burst of sweat, this. Teacher Lan Xiu is the elder brother of Tianya Jianzun? Should she lament that the world is too small? Own two teachers, unexpectedly is a pair of brothers, moreover two are the God rank. Knowing the identity of Tianya, Aofeng had a general understanding of why he suddenly appeared here. It was estimated that Tianya Jianzun could not put down the blue family before he came to help. Unexpectedly, he came too late. The army of the Hall of Light and Illusion had been almost swept away by them, but it was timely to save Aofeng by mistake. In the distance, Ling Bing staggered and stood up straight, with a touch of gloom passing through his eyes. He knew that the Hall of Light was over! This fiasco,plastic pallet crates, let the light magic temple whole collapse down, look at it, the elite master is still falling, the army has collapsed, now in the face of blue repair and blue horizon two God order master, what chance does he have to win? Even if he can go back alive, the Temple of Illusion will become the laughing stock of the world. With hundreds of thousands of troops to kill, but was beaten by the other side, killed scattered and fled, the judge and arbitrator almost died a clean, it is the biggest joke in the world! "Ling Bing, you are too ambitious to invade the main city of my four clans. Although I am no longer a member of the Blue Family, I can't watch the Blue Family being bullied by you. Since you dare to come, today is your death. What else can you say?" Tianya Jianzun congeals the black flying sword indifferently, the blazing white divine power wraps on the magic device, the power is not weaker than any super God beast magic skill. In terms of strength, Tianya was actually going to be better than Ling Bing and Lan Xiu, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill containment pallet, who had just entered the ranks of God. Ling Bing smiled coldly: "The winner and the loser, I have nothing to say, you start, but I will not stand waiting for you to kill, to kill me, you have to pay some price!" Behind him suddenly condensed the huge shadow of the holy unicorn, using some of the remaining divine power to mobilize the magic skills of the super-divine beast, only to see the huge horn of the holy unicorn constantly condensed with white fierce awn, like a dazzling sun, which contains quite terrible power. Dying! Lan Xiu also lightly snorted, blue eyes light flash, behind the same appeared the shadow of the ice siren. The end of the world flying sword protects in front of the body, the white awn twinkles, is watching, these three big God ranks are about to make the final confrontation! Rise Chapter 23 Sudden Coming of Shenwei The overall situation of the battlefield below has been decided, people are no longer busy chasing the remnants of the Temple of Light, have raised their heads, watching the battle overhead. At this moment, each of the three strong men of the divine order gave out a dazzling white glow. The rich power of the gods oppressed many people to gasp for breath and squint their eyes. The terrible wind, like a landslide and tsunami, tore the surrounding space. Suddenly, three white awn flew out from their own front, and there was a silver between heaven and earth! The dazzling light made people tremble in their hearts, and it could be predicted that there would be a terrible explosion, and many of the masters of the sky stepped back, lest the aftermath spread to themselves. Just as the two super-god beast magic skills and the sword are about to fight, the mutation suddenly occurs! Above the snowy sky, a thick but majestic sound of heaven suddenly came to the earth! "Stop it all!" The sound was like a bomb, and suddenly, everyone on the battlefield felt a bang in his head, and his mind seemed to be affected, and his body stiffened and stopped completely. Ao Feng ears the same bang, as if suddenly lost the ability to think, and the people around, all the armor in this moment of automatic contact, the phantom beasts one by one showed the body, some at a loss to stare at the sky, eyes are full of panic. Feel the voice of the strong strength of the master, Ao Feng also can not help but a burst of surprise, looked up, but saw a more unbelievable scene! But see the sky above the distant shot down a golden ray of light, come first, firmly block in the horizon, Lan Xiu and Ling Bing three magic skills battle place, produce a faint golden water lines, the horizon three attacks and white divine power like a stone sank into the sea, touch the ripple into a circle of ripples, no longer have any sound! Ao Feng couldn't help rubbing his eyes and looking at the other side in disbelief. That is the strongest attack of the three gods! Unexpectedly. How could it be so easily dissolved by a golden light? Moreover, the person who dissolved it did not even see a shadow, that is to say, he released the white light from a very far place! There was silence all around, and no human voice could be heard in the whole battlefield. People seemed to be unable to think about what terrible existence it was? "Ding!" Crisp sound came, Tianya's sword was also bounced back, flying back to his body, Tianya light one-handed contact, face a little more dignified,plastic pallet price, Ling Bing and Lan Xiu are also trembling in the heart, stopped in the sky, without any movement.