Fairy fate

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When I went back to my room, I saw several beautiful skins in his big bedroom, as well as cork and all the tools used to make boots.

When I went back to my room, I saw several beautiful skins in his big bedroom, as well as cork and all the tools used to make boots. They all looked very small and delicate. I picked up this and touched it, and then picked up that and touched it. I really couldn't put it down. I am very happy to think that I can use these beautiful tools to make my favorite boots when I am free. Sit down and start making for Dongfang Shuo. I am also very clear about the size of his feet. I chose a piece of black leather. It seems that he likes to wear black boots with a green shirt. Then make a double black one for him, and then nail a few beautiful decorations on the side, so that it won't be too monotonous, what kind of order is good? As I worked, I thought about what kind of decorations to order. Thinking about it, I hit him with a hammer. Ah My finger is bleeding. Then he found that his finger had been put into someone's mouth. Of course, this person was Dongfang Shuo. Why are you so careless? Don't build it so carelessly! He stared at me and gnashed his teeth. I think about things. I am obviously very skilled to say, people have missed, the horse has stumbled, why so powerful? I feel so wronged that I want to shed tears. What are you wronged? Think about things while you're working? Who do you miss? Purple fish? Think about it after only a short time apart? You think so much about him, do you want to move in with him? He's still so vicious. I didn't miss him. Tears are falling down. I didn't miss him. Who did I miss? Yang Jian? "No, I was thinking of some ornament to pin on your boots." "You don't have to nail anything. I don't like things that are too gorgeous. You still don't know. It's really stupid." The tone is very soft, pull me to sit on his lap and wrap my hands for me. Dongfang Shuo,impact beam tubes, I'll cook for you tonight. Keep sucking up. How can you cook when your hands are broken? You don't do it when your hands are good, but you expect to do it when your hands are rotten. He glanced at me, put down his wrapped hand and sat with me in his arms. I am so serious. That is to say, if my hands are not rotten, I will not say it. If I really want to do it, what should I do? Hey,cold drawn tubes, hey. Songsong, have you ever thought about the future? "In the future?"? I didn't think about it. I think it's good now. I'll think about it in the future. "Then you never think about the future?" Dongfang Shuo held me in one hand and combed my hair gently. I thought about it before. At that time, I kissed Zier, and then you threw things at me. Later, I came to heaven to find you, and you said that sexual desire would become immortal. This matter gave me a big blow, I thought for a long time, in order to become immortal, I just want how to live, how to practice. Now that you have become an immortal, don't you live like this all the time? What is there to think about, Precision Welded pipes ,side impact beams, and the future is so long, how to think about it? "Have you ever thought that if you were with me, you wouldn't be with Zier and Yang Jian?" Dongfang Shuo, why do you think so? I just want to be an immortal for everyone to live together. Otherwise, I don't care whether I become an immortal or a demon. I put my head on Dongfang Shuo's chest. My head was combed comfortably by his hands. I was a little sleepy, as if I hadn't eaten dinner yet. Half asleep and half awake, I faintly heard a faint sigh from Dongfang Shuo's chest. You can sleep for a while, and I'll cook something to eat. Since I came, I insisted on eating three meals a day like the world, so Dongfang Shuo began to become a cook. I won't sleep. I want to watch you cook. So Dongfang Shuo carried me to the kitchen, and I moved a small bench to sit at the door and watched him busy. I don't know why, when I saw his figure busy, I felt as warm as when I returned to Chang'an. After dinner, Dongfang Shuo asked me to go to bed early, saying that I would go to choose the location of the shop tomorrow to prepare for the opening of the shop. I promised him. After taking a bath, he got into bed and slept. Dongfang Shuo came to see me sleeping and pressed the corner of the quilt for me. I suddenly remembered what he had talked about doing in the forest today? "Dongfang Shuo, what did you say you were going to do in the woods tonight?" He froze for a moment. Don't answer me. Dongfang Shuo, Dongfang Shuo, did you hear my question? You are too young. ” "Where am I small?"? What does it have to do with small? "You became an immortal ahead of time, and the merit value is full, but other things like magic power are still very weak, just like letting a person become an adult ahead of time, you are immature in all aspects." "Oh, it has something to do with the evening?" "Yes, what I said I was going to do at night is what you saw in my previous dream." You mean go to bed! So that's what you want. When I finished, I remembered what I meant, and my face turned red. Are you saying I'm not ready to have sex with a man right now? "Mmm." "Because my mana is so low that I'm a minor?" "Mmm." "How can you be so sure if you haven't tried?" "Don't you feel out of breath when you're licked?" His face is not good again. Oh, what will happen if you force it? "You will be in great pain." I was so excited that I shivered. "Then I don't want it." It seems that he just said angry words. Fortunately, Zier didn't really sleep with me today. I also had a premonition at that time, but because I had been coveting Zier, I didn't really want to refuse, and I didn't think that I would be sorry for Dongfang Shuo at that time. Are you sure you didn't think of that? Or do you make excuses for your lust? "Strange, why are the flowers so powerful?" A chestnut was knocked on his head. You are so young that your heart is not small, and your courage is all! They are all immortals who are very strong in all aspects. Of course, they are different. Be careful not to hurt yourself, and don't play with fire again! Dongfang Shuo warned me very seriously. Well,aluminium coated steel tube, you told me so. It's his fault. He didn't say no. I told you not to kiss him, but you kissed him again and again? And licked it this time! He said that he pinched my thigh through his back. Oh, it hurts! I protested with a guilty conscience. A normal kiss is fine. It's not okay to go too deep. 。 cbiesautomotive.com