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Luck, Mowgli has always had the title of the lucky little prince, but also bear this important task. So everyone voted unanimously and gave Mowgli the right to touch BOSS.

Luck, Mowgli has always had the title of the lucky little prince, but also bear this important task. So everyone voted unanimously and gave Mowgli the right to touch BOSS. Mowgli spread his wings and flew to the body of Nefis. Just as he was about to reach out to touch it, suddenly, Nefis turned into an egg with a flash of red light. The egg was about half a foot high, red all over, surrounded by fire, and was not an ordinary thing at first sight. ??” Mowgli was startled by this sudden change, hurriedly took out his staff and poked the egg twice. At that moment, the red egg flashed and Mowgli bounced off. The remaining flames around him, like iron filings absorbed by magnets, were all absorbed by the egg. At the same time, fire elements from all directions poured into the egg at a speed visible to the naked eye. Kaka! The next second, the eggshell breaks. Quack A fiery red bird flew up from the eggshell and turned into a fire phoenix as big as it was just now. Nepheth, resurrected! "Your uncle!" Seeing this scene, Mowgli was startled and hurriedly lifted off. Nephis narrowed his eyes and sneered, "Humble reptile, trying to defeat me?"? You have a lot of dreams! Before the words were out of his mouth, Nephis spewed out a wave of fire at the crowd. After fighting with Nephis for so long, everyone knows the three axes of Nephis. Seeing Nifis open his mouth, Yin Laoer raised his shield, and Mowgli's shield of holy light fell,stainless steel tube fitting, and everyone hid behind Yin Laoer. After the flamethrower, Nephis attacks hard and straight. Without waiting for Nepheth to attack again, Death's left hand took a deep breath, pulled out an arrow from his quiver, opened his bow and let go, and the clouds and water flowed at one go. Bang! With the sound of a crackling bowstring, the concussive arrow of Death's left hand struck Nephis on the forehead, and Nephis was once again under control. The difference was that this time Nephis had the consciousness to dodge,38 tube fitting, but his body was too big, and death's left arrow was too big, so he did not dodge. Nephis was stunned, and everyone rushed to do the same. Empty Nephis's health bar again. Boom! Nefis landed.. Then change eggs, fire elements gather, resurrection and rebirth.. "Carelessly!" The mood of Wang Yu and others at this time is absolutely indescribable, this broken BOSS is endless! This is cheating! See Wang Yu several people eat shriveled, the detection team also showed a proud smile. Ha ha ha "This is called an immortal bird," said the bald man. "Do you understand Nirvana? As long as there is the element of fire, it will be infinitely reborn. It depends on how long you can hold out." Chapter 1448 undead birds. Looking at the second resurrection of Nephis, Mowgli felt a little nervous. The infinite resurrection this kind of situation actually everybody has encountered before entering the copy, that flame monarch's doppelganger is such a shameless fellow. Everyone has a headache for Fen Shen, after all, infinite resurrection represents infinite life, Ya's life is infinite, pipe fittings manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, but everyone's blue bar is limited. As long as we have a normal mind, we will not exchange the limited blue bar for the infinite life of others. At this time, the real body of the Flaming Monarch is more important than the Fen Shen. Although Fen Shen can also be resurrected infinitely, but the strength has not changed, but the god-level legend BOSS has the growth of combat, and the characteristics of Phoenix Nirvana, as we all know, the strength is stronger without a resurrection. At this time, everyone clearly felt her growth, and if she was allowed to come back to life, it would only be a matter of time before she played herself to death. Quack, quack! Just when everyone was at a loss what to do with Nephis, Nephis gave a strange cry and opened his mouth to a flame. Or familiar routines, or familiar skills, everything is familiar, we are already familiar with this. As soon as they spread their wings, they rose into the air and easily flashed the flames of Nefis. They were just about to fight back, but this time Nefis did not wait for the flames to finish spraying. He immediately cancelled his skills and raised his head to spray the second wave of flames at the top of Quanzhen. It is indeed a god-level BOSS. Now I have found out everyone's routine and changed the way of fighting. What the fuck Everyone exclaimed, and Yin Laoer held up his shield to resist the flames. Without the holy light shield of Mowgli, Yin Laoer is tough against BOSS this time. God-level shield against god-level BOSS, of course, is the winner of the higher level. As soon as it is sprayed by the flame of Nefis, the lasting value of Yin Laoer's shield falls by a large margin. Left hand! Control him! Seeing that Yin Laoer could not hold out for long, Mowgli hurriedly gave an attack instruction to the left hand of Death. Bang! Without waiting for Mowgli's command to be finished, there was a burst of the bowstring, and a thick arrow with light flew to Nephis's face. But when Death's left hand stunned Nephis with an arrow, Nephis's head shook slightly. Whoosh! The arrow in Death's left hand grazed Nepheth's head and flew past. Duang!” There was a loud noise, and the arrow was deep in the wall behind Nephis, and the stones on the wall were falling. The left hand that sees Azrael is miss the target, Yin Laoermao exploded, cry angrily: "Left hand, my day you!"! You can't shoot so close! Meow, if Death's left hand can't control Nephis, Nephis's skill won't stop. In this way, the most tangled is Yin Laoer. Yin Laoer receives the shield, everybody group destroys, does not receive the shield, the shield disappears. If the opposite is an ordinary BOSS, the group will destroy everyone, but it is only once, but the opposite is a god-level BOSS ah, it is not easy to hit here, now give up is absolutely better than the loss of a god-level shield also let Yin Laoer heartache. Heart plug. "No.." It's impossible. Death's left hand is also a face of confusion, seems to feel incredible about the things in front of him. Who will support me? I won't be able to hold it! Watching the durability value of the shield drop rapidly, Yin Laoer shouted gloomily. But everyone here is Yin Laoer a shield battle, although Bao San is a soldier, but this boy is sensitive to add points, the top absolutely can not carry,14 tube fitting, not to mention the others, the mage priest archer fighter, which is the material of anti-BOSS. chinaroke.com