Prehistoric World Leader Tongtian

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Since the era of Wu Ding, the tribes of the Zhou Dynasty were defeated by the Shang Dynasty, so they submitted to the Shang Dynasty and became a vassal of the Shang Dynasty.

Since the era of Wu Ding, the tribes of the Zhou Dynasty were defeated by the Shang Dynasty, so they submitted to the Shang Dynasty and became a vassal of the Shang Dynasty. After Wu Ding, the Shang Dynasty declined again, while the Zhou tribe in the west took this opportunity to expand, and by the time Wen Ding succeeded to the throne, the Zhou tribe had become one of the strongest of the eight hundred princes belonging to the Shang Dynasty. The Shang Dynasty had gradually declined, and most of the people of insight among the four princes had a clear understanding of this. But a lean man is bigger than a horse. Although the Shang Dynasty was still in decline, its strength was still not comparable to that of the four vassals. So, although most of the vassals have given birth to some different ideas, but at present, but no one dare to openly rebel. Although it seems that the time for blatant rebellion is not yet ripe, it seems that we can try to do something to tease the nerves of the Shang Dynasty without touching its bottom line. By the time of Wen Ding's succession, the Zhou tribes in the West were already too big to drop. At this time, the struggle of monarchical power and divine power in the country had become white-hot, and it was known that the Western Zhou Dynasty seemed to have some unclear relationship with the monotheism. Therefore, in order to avoid the situation of internal and external difficulties, Wen Ding had no choice but to compromise with the Western Zhou Dynasty and appease it in every way, intending to influence the stone of the Western Zhou Dynasty with lofty personality. However, the Zhou tribe was not very willing to buy the account of Wen Ding and did not seek the advice of the Shang Dynasty, so the Zhou tribe was good at fighting with swords and started a war against the Western Yuwurong tribe. With no intention of mental calculation, and the fact that the Zhou tribe was really a good soldier and basically did not pay much price, the Zhou tribe successfully defeated my Rong tribe and reported victory to Wen Ding. Before the war did not seek the approval of the emperor, dare to send troops without authorization, now won the battle, just remembered,12 needle valve, to show off in front of Lao Tzu, is simply, how can this be! However, despite his anger, Wen Ding did not dare to punish the tribes of the Western Zhou Dynasty, not even verbally reprimanded them. Instead, he commended the tribes of the Zhou Dynasty and named Ji Li, the head of the Zhou tribe, as a "priest" (roughly the meaning of a local uncle). Although it seemed that he only got a nominal title of "priest",38 needle valve, Ji Li was very excited because it showed that the Shang Dynasty had nothing to do with himself. From then on, the Zhou tribe became more and more unscrupulous, and did not report to the newspaper, so they repeatedly provoked wars in the west. Jing Hou defeated and annexed several tribes such as Shi and Tu Rong, expanding the territory of the Zhou tribe several times. He thought the mountain was high and the emperor was far away, and the Shang Dynasty had nothing to do with himself, but what Ji Li didn't expect was that Wen Ding was already wary of the tribes of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Taking the opportunity of convening a meeting of the four vassals, Wen Ding sent Ji Li, the head of the Zhou tribe, to Yin, the capital of the Shang Dynasty. Then, with the momentum of thunder, he took Ji Li down. Before the Western Zhou tribe could react, he quickly beheaded Ji Li. Poor Ji Li didn't understand that meeting was the best excuse to arrest people (no one), so he lost his head in a muddle. However, Wen Ding's plot did not actually achieve the goal of weakening the Western Zhou Dynasty. Because, after the death of Jili, the successor to the Western Zhou tribal head was Jili's son, brass tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, named Chang. Because in the era of Wen Ding, there were more than fifty vassals in the four directions who were given the title of Hou, and there were more than forty tribes who were given the title of Bo. Among them, the Zhou tribe was given the name of Bo (priest). Therefore, Chang, the son of Ji Li, was very conscious that the emperor had inherited Ji Li's title, also known as Bo Chang or Xi Bo. Here I would like to add that although the surname of the Zhou tribe was Ji, according to the saying at that time, this Xibo was not called Ji Chang. Because the so-called surname is actually a man's surname, a woman's surname, as for the name together, that is the view of later generations. This Xibo Chang, however, is a very sophisticated man. Although he knew that his old man Ji Like was killed by Wen Ding, Bochang did not show the slightest dissatisfaction with the Shang Dynasty. Instead, he was more submissive and secretly, Bochang was diligent in political affairs, prepared for war, courteous and virtuous, and wantonly recruited all kinds of talents to make positive preparations for the rebellion of the Shang Dynasty. It seems that during the reign of Wen Ding, apart from killing Xibo Jili, there was no remarkable achievement. Similarly, Wen Ding did not do any evil deeds of anger and resentment. He was a passer-by emperor. In this way, after being an emperor for thirteen years, this Wen Ding finally died. After the death of Wen Ding, his son Zixian succeeded him as Emperor B. Emperor Yi Jige actually just took over a mess left by Wen Ding. Although Bochang's behavior of recruiting soldiers and buying horses, gathering grass and storing grain seemed to be concealed, Emperor Yi, who had known about the contradictions between the Shang Dynasty and the Western Zhou Dynasty, carefully investigated and found some clues. However, in the era of Emperor Yi, the Shang Dynasty was already in decline, while the eastern Dongyi tribes were becoming stronger and stronger, and sometimes invaded the Shang Dynasty. In order to avoid the dilemma of war on two fronts, Emperor Yi had no choice but to adopt a conciliatory policy towards the Western Zhou Dynasty, specifically, to make peace. In other words, since the Tang Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty has been married with various vassal tribes. However, at that time, the Shang Dynasty was in an absolute dominant position, so even if the Shang royal family married a woman to a vassal, it was only the emperor's favor and the emperor's grace. However, by the time of Emperor Yi, the Western Zhou Dynasty was already extremely prosperous. If it joined hands with Dongyi to attack the Shang Dynasty, if the vassal took the opportunity to make trouble again, the number of victories and defeats was still unknown. Therefore, this time Emperor Yi and the Western Zhou Dynasty made peace, which can be said to be the beginning of the history of peace. After careful consideration, Emperor Yi chose Tai Nu, the eldest daughter of the Youge clan, to marry Ji Chang, the head of the Western Zhou clan The Youping clan has been married to the Shang tribe since the time of the first generation of Prince Lu (Cheng Tang) of the Shang Dynasty. Since then, almost every generation of the royal family of the Shang Dynasty has had children, and the Yu Youcao clan has been related by marriage. The two tribes can be said to have been close to each other for generations. In the generation of Emperor Yi, the servant of the Apple Family was actually the cousin of Emperor Yi (fabricated). So Emperor Yi gave the mission of peace to his cousin Tai Nu. As the first marriage messenger with a name and a surname,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, the wedding ceremony of Tai Ru can be said to be extremely beautiful. Emperor Yi personally chose the wedding date and bought the dowry. At the same time, in order to show the royal grace, Emperor Yi also announced that he ordered Ji Chang to inherit the title of his father Ji Li and called him Xibo.