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But a pair of hands reached out and picked me up, "No, go to eat first, and then play when you are full."

But a pair of hands reached out and picked me up, "No, go to eat first, and then play when you are full." Dividing line tip: Enron, who likes to live a leisurely life, has to face the ultimate task of the game, which can not be said to be a trick of God. ————————— Eat as fast as you can and get into the game again. It was still at Dr. Sang's house, but there was no sign of Mimi on the small bed in front of him, and there was no one in the room. Rush out of the door, where is the man? Where will they go? By the way, go to the village chief. When I found the village chief's house according to the map, I rushed into the door, and everyone was there. Ignoring others, I grabbed the village head's sleeve and said, "Grandpa village head, you know the most things. You must know what can be done to revive Mimi, right?"? There's got to be a way. Tell me. Grandpa, the village chief, shook his head and sighed deeply. No way, I don't believe, if, if you don't know. Isn't there a fairy in this world? The fairy must know the way to revive Mimi. I'll ask the fairy. With that, he turned to rush out of the door,ball valve manufacturer, but was pulled by a hand. Wait, Enron, look. The village chief's grandfather took out something like a square box. It was about a foot long, five inches wide, and five inches high. The box was as green as glass, and there was no lid at all. But you could see what was inside. It was a little black and white kitten. This is? Is it.. Mimi? "Yes." "That Mimi is not dead." I was so excited that I wanted to cry again. No, Mimi is dead. I just sealed her mind and body in this water jade before her mind dissipated. This is also her coffin. "So.." The feeling of hope falling back to disappointment made my chest feel stuffy. No, you can't be disappointed like this. There must be a way to save Mimi. In fact,stainless steel needle valve, there are ways to revive Mimi. Grandpa, the village chief, sighed deeply and said, "It's just that this method is not in the hands of our demons." "So, is it..?" "This method is known only to God." "神 ? Then tell me how I can find God, and I'll ask him to save Mimi. "I don't know where the other gods are, but there is a fairy in Qiwu Mountain. She is very kind. It is because of her care that we can exist in Tianyi Village.". If we can find her, maybe there's a way. "Isn't it a legend that there are fairies on Mount Qiwu?" "No, she really exists, but she has been practicing in the cave all the year round. I also heard from the last village head that no one in this generation of villagers has ever seen her." "Anyway, since there is such a fairy, I will find her." But even if we knew that there was this fairy on Qiwu Mountain, it would be almost impossible to find her. Because although there are no demons and demons on this mountain because of the existence of fairies, there are many wild animals. "I'm not afraid. Besides, Grandpa Village Chief, I can come back to life over and over again. If I can't do it once, 14 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting supplier, I'll try twice. If I can't do it twice, I'll try ten times. If it doesn't work ten times, I will try a hundred times. I'm sure I can see the fairy and ask her to save the cat." "Well, go to the village before you go, get enough medicine and so on, and it will be safer on the way.". By the way, here's a pair of shoes for you. You can run faster with them. The village chief's grandfather turned around and took out a pair of small leather boots from the inner room. I took it and saw that it was a celestial object. Fox Trace Boots (Day): Defense + 50, Movement Speed + 40%, Attached Skill: Fox Trace, can hide body shape for half an hour, can move when invisible, can not attack, once a day. With this pair of shoes, I have a better chance of finding the fairy. At this time, the village head grandfather asked me to take out the bracelet of guidance. After he opened the map of Qiwu Mountain, he drew a circle around the North Peak. "Enron, the fairy's cave house is in this area, but no one knows exactly where it is. You can only find it by yourself." "OK, Grandpa Village Chief, I'm leaving now. By the way, can Mimi go with me?" My eyes fell on the water jade sealed with Mimi. "Well, there is no passage of time in the bondage of space, although it can not hold living things, but Mimi is now like this, it is just right to stay inside.". You can take her with you. Carefully putting the water jade into my belt, I turned around and went out of the village head's house. I walked around the village. He took ten bundles of fine iron arrows from the Iron Master, one hundred in each bundle, which was two points more powerful than the original iron arrows. (Although arrows can be recycled continuously, they can be used a certain number of times. Wooden arrows can be used 5 to 10 times according to their materials, ordinary iron arrows can be used 20 times, fine iron arrows 40 times, and advanced alloy arrows 100 times. If meteorite iron is added to the material of the arrow, it will never wear out.). But if the arrow is bent and broken, it can no longer be used. In the tailor's shop, the silkworm mother sent me a piece of Tiancan clothes. Although it was not made of thousands of forged Tiancan cloth, it was also a subordinate fairy ware. Tian can Yi (Xian): + 120 Defense. My defense doubled to 287 points. Now, even if I am five levels higher than the monster can not easily break my defense, but I do not know how many levels of wild animals on Qiwu Mountain. Forget it. I can't beat you. Can't I avoid it. Then I went to Dr. Sang, and he sent me ten groups of medium blood tonic (capsules, effective after biting, 200 points of life in five seconds), just enough to fill my life at once. And 10 groups, 1000, I can eat it as a meal. Zhu shopkeeper gave me a lot of barbecue, this is his special, eat a piece can increase 20 points in an hour, but the effect can not be superimposed, a total of, um, a group, or a little stingy oh. Grandpa Lu brought me a ring he used to use (I suspect it was an ankle bracelet). Ring of Arrows (Immortal): Defense + 10,tube fitting manufacturer, Agility + 7, Archer accuracy increased by 30% Finally, he asked for a hairpin in the carpenter's shop of Master Zuo:. chinaroke.com