Chu Liuxiang Series Blood Sea Fragrance

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The eighth chapter is the clear breeze and bright moon The ninth chapter beauty disaster water Chapter 10 where is Qing?

The eighth chapter is the clear breeze and bright moon The ninth chapter beauty disaster water Chapter 10 where is Qing? Chapter 11 the play of Banyu. Chapter 12 alone in Wulin Chapter 13 Three Snake Soup Chapter 14 Soul Catching County. Chapter 15 Lovers' Letters Chapter 16 wonderful hatred without flowers Chapter 17 a knife against the wind. The eighteenth chapter reverses all living beings Chapter 19 a higher move. Chapter 20 Tianfeng Shilang Chapter 21 Lady of the Sect Leader Chapter twenty-two friends guard the enemy Chapter 23 brother killed his brother. Chapter 24 go south to pursue the murderer Chapter 25 Master Tianfeng Chapter XXVI Solemn Law The twenty-seventh chapter cuts oneself to thank. Title Old Rain Tower · Gu Long "Chu Liuxiang Series · Blood Sea Fragrance" — — Chapter 1 White Jade Beauty Gu Long's Chu Liuxiang Series: Fragrance in the Sea of Blood Chapter One White Jade Beauty Wen Jun has a white jade beauty, carved by wonderful hands, extremely milky, I yearn for it. Tonight the son is, when step on the moon to take, junsu Yada will not make me go back and forth in vain. The note was now spread out on the polished marble table, and the light from the pink veil caught the pale blue paper. Reflect into a kind of wonderful strong purple, also make that quite beautiful handwriting look more elegant and full of sprinkling. There was no name on the letter, but it had the fragrance of tulips. Qi. This misty and expectant fragrance is enough to show that the note of Da Feng is descriptive. The person who received this note was Jin Banhua, the son of a wealthy family in Beijing. He was sitting at the table at the moment, and the picture was clean and beautiful. Gas, maintain a very good face, as if someone had cut a knife like a painful contorted eyes staring at this note, as if staring at Yan. Wang's arrest. In the exquisite flower hall. Still have 3 people, one expression is fierce, the old man in brocade clothes of beard hair alone carries both hands on the back, come in the hall. I don't know how many times I've been pedaling back and forth, but I'm afraid I can walk from Beijing to Zhangjiakou. The other cheekbone is hunched From now on, the man in black,Manual Flush Valve, with his eyes like an eagle, was sitting beside the golden companion flower, and his hands were caressing the sealed steel palace on the table. Pen. Dry, long, knobbly fingers look like fine steel in the light. The two men's faces were also very heavy and sharp. His eyes looked from the window to the door, and from the door to the window, and kept looking back and forth. There is also a thin and short branch, but the bald old man wearing Lin Su just sits far away in the corner with his eyes closed and resting,Stainless Steel Toilet China, and he can't see all over his body. Out of the slightest special place only a pair of ears, how can not see the pool of steel, but installed on the gray ears, I do not know what is cast. Qi's. The old man in brocade robe walked across the table, picked up the note and said with a sneer, "What is this?"? An invitation? A debit note? With this piece of paper, He wanted to take away the most precious jade beauty of the four treasures in the capital. He pounded the table heavily and snapped, "Chu Liuxiang, Chu Liuxiang!"! What you also see 9 cities hero rather is too worthless. Jin Banhua grimaced and stammered, "But with the same paper, he has taken away many rare treasures." If you say you want to take something away at midnight, no one can keep it until it is ugly. "Oh, really?" Said the man in black coldly. Jin Banhua sighed and said, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,stainless steel toilet, "Last month, Qiu Xiaohou of Juanjianzi received a letter from him, saying that he would come to fetch the family heirloom of the Marquis." In the Jiulong Cup, Xiao Hou not only locked the cup in the Chamber of Secrets, but also invited the masters of Daming Mansion to turn over the sky with their palms, Sparrow Crane and Plum Blossom Sword. Fang Huan two defense outside the door, can be said to be watertight defense, but after the time to open the door to see. Alas! Kowloon Cup or No more. The man in black sneered, "Old Wan is not a bird or a crane, and my vulture is not a square ring, not to mention.." He looked The bald old man took one look and said slowly, "There is also the elder British who is famous for thieves all over the world.". If the three of us make it again. If you don't live in Chu Liuxiang, there will be no one else in the world. ” The bald old man narrowed his eyes with a smile and said, "Brother Ximen, don't play for the old man. Since the battle of Yuntai, the old man has failed." "If a man who lives by his ears has his ears cut off, isn't it like a beggar without a snake?" If someone else is so defeated that even his ears are cut off, not only will he never mention it, but someone will mention it, too. He wanted to draw his knife desperately, but he smiled and spoke as if he were very proud. The old man in brocade robe is the chief of the Wansheng Escort Agency in the capital, "Iron Palm Golden Dart" is invincible. At the moment, holding a long beard, he laughed and said: No one in Jianghu doesn't know that the vulture's ear power is unparalleled in the world. Although it was a small defeat in the battle of Yuntai, it was a blessing in disguise. Behind the ears of this pair of gods in white, the strength of their ears can only be better than before. The vulture shook his head and said with a smile, "I'm old and useless. If I hadn't wanted to see the marshal of the robbers this time, I would have been wandering." The young man of China will never come out of the political arena again. Jin Banhua suddenly said with a smile, "I've heard Jianghu people say that if you hear the sound of a person's breathing, you can tell the difference." Is she a man or a woman? How old is she? What is the identity? No matter who he is, as long as his breathing is heard in the ears of the British elder, just one. You can never run away in your life. No matter where he runs away, the British elder can catch up with him. The vulture's eyes narrowed to a line and said with a smile, "There are always exaggerations in the rumors of Jianghu." Hearing the faint sound of more drums in the evening breeze, the judge of life and death suddenly stood up and said, "It's time." Jin Banhua rushed to the corner and opened a fine brushwork picture of a woman. There was a secret door inside. He opened the secret door and saw the purple carving. The box was still inside. He breathed a sigh of relief. He turned his head and said with a smile, "I don't want the three of you to be famous, but you really put Chu Liuxiang in it." Too scared to come. The judge of life and death looked up and said with a smile, "Chu Liuxiang, so you are also a.." Suddenly hear one of the vultures "moaning" Lipton, the judge of life and death, laughed. Outside the window, a deep and attractive voice band laughed and said, "The Jade Beauty has paid her respects,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, Chu Liuxiang." Thank you very much. Ten thousand yuan of enemy arrows rushed to the window and shook it open, only to see a tall figure standing in the darkness in the distance, holding three in his hand.