Zeng Promised Martyrdom

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Chang Pu comforted him and said, "It's all right, it's all right. Just kiss more. You're used to kissing. Even in front of the whole clan, you will act as if nothing had happened."

Chang Pu comforted him and said, "It's all right, it's all right. Just kiss more. You're used to kissing. Even in front of the whole clan, you will act as if nothing had happened." Her words of consolation were worse than no consolation. Chang Yi blushed and frowned slightly. "Always not serious." Heng could not help laughing and burst out laughing. Chang Pu's face stood on the edge, and with a flash of cold light, he was like a lightning bolt in front of Ah Heng. Fourth sister-in-law, it's me, it's me. Heng hastened to call. Chang's body turned sharply and the dagger was withdrawn. "What are you doing here?" Heng blinked his eyes. "I'll listen to you play the flute." Chang servant is thick-skinned, but Chang Yi is not good. He is as red as a wooden flower. "Come and come. Instead of calling people to inform you, you hide and peep. You are really getting worse and worse!" Heng stuck out his tongue at Changpu, and they looked at each other and laughed. Chang Yi said that they had no choice but to pick up a book and turn it over, ignoring them. Chang servant ordered the maid to prepare dinner, specifically told, must prepare more wine. When the food and wine were ready, the three men sat down around a small round table, drinking and talking. Chang Yi asked Ah Heng, "You are now the princess of Gao Xin. How can you just say it?" "Shaohao covered for me. He said yes. Who dares to say no?" Chang said with a smile, "Shaohao is really kind to my younger sister." Chang Yi said lightly,euro plastic pallet, "People like them seem to be considerate and considerate. In fact, they are just insignificant things. When they really involve their own interests, one is more cruel than the other." "What's the matter with you and Chi You, little sister?" Asked Chang. Heng's face slowly turned red. "I came here this time to discuss things with my brother and sister-in-law.". Chiyou and I.. We're already together. Heng waited nervously for the reaction of his brother and sister-in-law. Chang Yi looked calm, and Chang Pu burst out laughing, "I've already seen it!"! The younger sister was cold outside and hot inside,plastic pallet manufacturer, so she had to be burned by a burning fire to show her true colors. She took her to burn together. Chiyou was more terrible than the wildfire, and just burned the younger sister. Shaohao can not, look gentle, the actual heart is colder than the eldest brother. Heng's face was burning. He said in a low voice, "Chiyou asked me to go with him. Shaohao made a promise to me. I have a way to get away. But in today's situation, I'm afraid there will be a war between my eldest brother and Chiyou sooner or later. I really don't know what to do." Chang Yi frowned and pondered. Chang Pu sighed and said, "If their men want to fight and kill, let them fight and kill. No matter how many they win, they all gallop happily. They have no regrets or complaints. Why do you think so much?"? It's impossible to untie such a knot after thinking about it. "Fourth sister-in-law, if it were you, how would you choose?" Life is short, I will go to Chiyou immediately! If you really like him, you can throw everything away for him. If he really likes you, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, he will naturally understand your bottom line and will not do anything to push you off the cliff. Chang Yi looked at his wife and said with a wry smile, "When did Chi You buy you off?" "It's not a bribe, but I smell him as soon as I see him. He has a smell similar to ours." Changpu pointed to the rolling green hills outside the window. "He came from there." "It's not that simple," Chang said. Changpu sighed with a smile and said to Ah Heng and Chang Yi, "This is the difference between us and you. In our eyes, everything is very simple. When we don't know what to do, we just need to listen to it." She pointed to her heart, "the old man in the clan said, its voice is the most real voice of life!"! Chang Yi, you must think that the younger sister likes to flash Chiyou is very pitiful, in fact, Chiyou who falls in love with the younger sister is even more pitiful! He must try to restrain his desires, learn to understand his sister's hesitations and misgivings, and accommodate her rules of conduct. Chang Yi looked askance at Chang's servant and asked with a half-smile, "What is like you and me?"? Are you pitiful? Changpu blushed for a moment and said quickly in a low voice, "I'm fine.." I am very happy. Heng looked at it and covered his mouth with a titter. It was really one thing for one thing. Chang Yi asked Ah Heng, "Do you have any plans in mind?" "I want to ask your opinion," said Ah Heng. ” Chang Yi said, "I have told you before that you are my only sister. No matter what you do, I will support you. If my father and eldest brother can't give you blessings, my mother and I will give you blessings." With tears in his eyes, Chang Yi smiled and said, "Don't worry. I won't go to the battlefield. I'm not interested in fighting. My father wants to contend for hegemony. I have no way to stop it. But at least I have the right not to let the warriors of Ruoshui become the bones under my father's throne. They should have children with their beloved women and grow old together." Heng nodded forcefully, and Chang said to Heng with a smile, "Well, little girl, if you want to elope with your lover, go and pack your bags. Don't worry that we will meet your lover on the battlefield." Heng stood up with a smile. "Then I'll go." "Not for one night?" "No, ten days later is the big wedding ceremony of Yunsang and Nonai. Shaohao asked me to prepare it. This is probably the last thing I did in Gaoxin.". For the sake of Yunsang, I can't make any mistakes. Chang Yi sent her out and said with a smile, "When Yunsang was in Chaoyunfeng, I secretly told my mother to let my eldest brother marry Yunsang's sister to my sister-in-law."! Mother was also a little moved, saying that they should get along with each other and let nature take its course. Unfortunately, because Jingwei drowned in the East China Sea, Yunsang only lived for ten years and hurried back to Shennong. In those ten years, the eldest brother did not return to Chaoyunfeng once. They had no chance to meet at all. If they had a chance to meet, maybe this happy event would fall on our home. Heng also laughed, "it's a pity." He and Lieyang flew down to the courtyard to pick up Ah Heng. Since the "resurrection", Lieyang has been hostile and cold to everyone, but slightly different to Changyi,mobile garbage bin, and even made a salute to Changyi. Chang Yi said to him, "I have looked up the ancient books and records. It is reasonable to say that once the demon clan can be transformed into an adult, you can only be transformed into a child because of the power of Yu yuan and the mutation of Reiki.". You don't have to worry. Practice well and you will grow taller slowly. 。 cnplasticpallet.com