Lick a small milk bag.

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Just as he was about to stand up and refute the opposite, the coach came in. He clapped his hands and asked everyone to pay attention: "Resume the game!"!

Just as he was about to stand up and refute the opposite, the coach came in. He clapped his hands and asked everyone to pay attention: "Resume the game!"! The little notebook remembers! Everyone sat down and took out his notebook to face the computer. Tang Zhi had no choice but to endure this time. At this time, on the second floor, Bei Dahai sat at the table peeling peanuts, looking at his mobile phone by the way, and reaching out to click on the screen from time to time. Bai Xuan brushed a wave of points on Hanbok and quit the game. He sighed: "I used to feel annoying when I had a training match, but now I'm too idle to have a training match. When will the new people come up?"? If I don't come up, I'll almost forget the feeling of four rows. I didn't have a training match with other teams for four days because I couldn't get all the people together. As a professional player, it feels like a straight a student who hasn't brushed the questions for four days, and his heart is empty. Bei Dahai kept his eyes on his mobile phone, stretched out an index finger and shook it gracefully at him: "Brother Xuan, you are a typical Stockholm syndrome." Aren't you bored? What are you playing now? Bai Xuan turned his face sideways and kicked his chair. "Give me some peanuts." "Play a very popular mobile game." Bei Dahai grabbed a handful and handed it to him. Bai Xuan took it, curious: "What's your name?"? I'll go to the next one if it's fun. Bei Dahai raised his hands and sniped at him. "As long as you are in the wind, I can find you,plastic bulk containers," he said in a low voice. "What is it?" Bai Xuan was in a fog, and felt that his deliberately handsome expression was disgusting. Hey. Brother Xuan, this is the generation gap. Keep up with the trend of the times. Bei Dahai shook his head and turned around to continue playing. Bo Ye looked aside and explained to Bai Xuan: "Don't pay attention to him, it's a girl's love game." Bai Xuan seems to understand, but he knows that the game of love is not his orientation. Yo, it's all very free. While everyone was chatting,plastic pallet box, Shen Qiuqiu came in with his bag under his arm and looked around. Then he went to Bei Dahai and saw the dreamy interface on his mobile phone. He threw his bag on the keyboard: "When the club sets up the Love and Producer Branch, would you like to be the captain?"! Give me more live broadcasts if you have time now. Bei Dahai rolled his eyes with his back to him and exited the interface disappointedly. Bai Xuan asked, "Manager, has the assessment day been set?"? If it goes on, it will delay the progress of the team. "May Day will give them a day off, starting on May 2nd, and they will be able to bring people over that night. You don't have to worry about this. Zhou Ming and I know it in our hearts." Shen Qiuqiu sat down and motioned for him to calm down: "I'm here to tell you some bad news. I just got a call from Ego. They will withdraw their sponsorship of the PGI event." Ego is one of the top e-commerce platforms in China, and is also their biggest financial father. They withdrew their sponsorship at this juncture, which shows that they are unwilling to take risks on BFour, which is short of a strong player. Bei Dahai looked at him warily: "Will the prize money of the Australian match be paid?"? It won't be confiscated, plastic pallet bin ,plastic trash bins, will it? "Money, money, you only have money in your eyes!" Shen Qiuqiu pounded the table, "Is BFour the kind of club that deducts bonuses?" Bei Dahai put down his heart and went back to peel the peanuts. "Then why do you say that?" Shen Qiuqiu was so angry with his stupidity that he simply said to the other two: "Ego's withdrawal of sponsorship is just the beginning. I hope you can be vigilant. If you can't achieve results in PGI this time, BFour will be pulled down by TNT.". After winning the quota in China, the budget for Berlin will be tight, and you all have a few points in advance. Bai Xuanxin said optimistically: "The conditions of this year's youth trainees are all very good. After Yun Jialuo joined the team, he will not be pulled down by TNT." Bo Ye handed a meal and slanted his head to look at Shen Qiuqiu: "Have you decided to be Yun Jialuo?" "No accident, he is." Tired of standing, Shen Qiuqiu sat in the only empty seat and raised his legs. "The assessment not only depends on the results of the last day's competition, but also on the cumulative scores of the previous months. It's just that the weight is a little smaller. Yun Jialuo is far ahead all the way. If there is no accident on the assessment day, it's basically stable.". ” Bo Ye looked at the computer and asked, "Where is Tang Zhi?" "Tang Zhi joined the class two months ago. He started later than everyone else. His accumulated points were not as high as Yun Jialuo's. Zhou Ming said that when he first came in, he did not adapt and played unsteadily. Although he can occasionally draw with Yun Jialuo now, he can't catch up with the score.". But it's absolutely no problem for him to get into the second team, and then he can be a captain. Speaking of this, he suddenly thought of a question: "I said Captain Bo, are you very concerned about Tang Zhi?"? Did you know each other before the # Live Room Little Milk Voice ? After watching the video on Weibo, he realized that Bo Ye had a special treatment for the children. Bo Ye is famous for playing games, and he has never seen him deliberately release water and stop to chat with his opponents. Bo Ye is still staring at the computer, but the role in the game did not move, I do not know what to think: "I do not know." "Uh-huh?" Bei Dahai felt a little out of touch with them and asked, "What is the sound of milk in the live broadcast room?" Shen Qiuqiu waved impatiently: "Go to brush the headlines of Weibo by yourself." Bei Dahai immediately turned back to open Weibo, not for a while, Bo Ye last night's live video clips on the outside, Bai Xuan curiously walked over to watch with him. When the last shot rang out and the video ended, Bai Xuan exclaimed: "Is this really Bo Ye?"? This is clearly the beast among the hooligans, the devil among the beasts. Shen Qiuqiu knocked on the table and smiled: "10086." "***, the voice of this little friend." Bei Dahai's ears were tingled by the soft and waxy "please". The track dragged him back and played Tang Zhi's words of begging for mercy twice. He was satisfied and said, "Lovely, I miss you." As soon as the voice fell, he clapped his big hand heavily on the table in front of him. Three people at the same time a surprised, looked at Bo Ye,plastic wheelie bins, I do not know when he has appeared behind the sea of Bei. Bo Ye's expression was light. He looked down at Bei Dahai and turned his cell phone upside down on the table. His tone was flat but oppressive: "Did you score today?" "No.." Not yet Bei Dahai was shocked by his momentum, at the same time confused, faintly feel that Bo Ye has a problem with him. Bo Ye gently raised his eyebrows: "Then you still brush Weibo?" 。