Gu Zhenren

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"The immortal way kills the move to take the life of Yin You!" Liu turned around and exclaimed, and immediately felt a surge of anger in his heart, but soon the anger disappeared, leaving a touch of sadness and admiration.

"The immortal way kills the move to take the life of Yin You!" Liu turned around and exclaimed, and immediately felt a surge of anger in his heart, but soon the anger disappeared, leaving a touch of sadness and admiration. He and Hei Tiesheng are old rivals, and they have fought more than a hundred times in their lives. He knew in his heart that although it was powerful, it could not be moved lightly, and every time it was urged, it had to pay a huge price. Liu turned around and had never seen it before. When Hei Tiesheng just started fighting, he used such a card. From this point, Liu turned around and immediately understood that his old rival, who had fought with him for most of his life, was already determined to kill one more and earn one more. Hei Tiesheng killed Qiao Dong, which immediately boosted the morale of the black family behind him. Black iron gives birth to the man of a hundred battles, take advantage of this opportunity, immediately mobilize means. All of a sudden, the singing eagles were in groups, and the formation was in good order. Each black family bewitching fairy occupies one side and depends on each other in attack and defense. With the mobilization of Gu Xian, the second line of defense immediately stabilized, and the degree of difficulty rose sharply. This can annoy many bewitching immortals who besieged the black family. Blocking people's way of making money, such as killing parents! This enmity to the horizon, not to mention the black family is weak, the only immortal bewitching house black prison is gone,empty lotion tubes, the only fear is Qingcheng vertical and horizontal. At present, the overall situation has already been decided, and the black magic fairy is just dying. I'll meet you! Pi Shuihan pounced on it first. He stretched out his hand, and the boundless tide came out of thin air and swept over the black iron. When the wave flies into the air, it becomes a glacier, and the temperature drops sharply in an instant. Be careful, this is Pi Shuihan's signature trick-Rukawa! A black family six turn bewitching fairy opened his mouth and shouted. Hei Tiesheng smiled softly. He and Pi Shuihan also had hatred, so he was not surprised that Pi Shuihan attacked him. How can a defeated general speak bravely? Hei Tiesheng's eyes sparkled, and his body did not move,eye cream packing tube, but just looked. The White Frost River was quickly covered with a layer of black water, and after a few breaths, it collapsed. Skin water cold stuffy hum, suddenly spit a mouthful of blood, fell from the sky. "It's not good to be surrounded by enemies and urge them to kill one after another." A figure suddenly emerged from the back of Hei Tiesheng's head. Astonishingly is the yellow land! It was this seven-turn demon fairy who contacted other demons and entered the blessed land of the Iron Eagle first, which made the right path lose the advantage of the first hand. He earned a lot of money, now look cheap, suddenly shot, to cut off the head of the black iron! Hei Tiesheng did not move, nor did he turn his head to look, but waved his big sleeve back. Suddenly, the dark light was like a tide, surging and frightening, rolling up the yellow ground and flying far away. Huang Di struggled out of the Kuroshio with great difficulty, and his face was full of surprise. His seven orifices all sprayed black blood out, pump tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, and without looking back, he fled into the ground and disappeared. Just a mouse, still want to fly? With a sneer, Hei Tiesheng looked around and shouted, "Who's coming next?" No one is coming. Hei Tiesheng's fighting power is amazing, but also higher than Pi Shuihan and others. And the immortals have seen that this person is determined to die, fighting spirit surging, indomitable, in this state, combat effectiveness is even more frightening. What are the immortals doing in the blessed land of the Iron Eagle? Make a fortune! Since you are making a fortune, why should you fight to death with this one? The bewitching immortals all let Hei Tiesheng pass and rushed to other places. The war began. On the one hand, the demons join hands, and there are many people, while on the other hand, the black family bewitching immortals occupy the geographical position, and have a large number of wild beasts and singing eagles as helpers. The battle is in full swing. Almost all of the immortals of the black family are determined to defend their homeland, and their fighting spirit is extremely high. Is the magic magic fairy to get rich for the idea, do not want to fight to the death, inevitably bound hands and feet. The wisdom of the bewitching immortal is naturally not comparable to that of the iron-crowned eagle. All of a sudden, it seems that the second line of defense is impregnable! When Hei Tiesheng saw that no one was looking for him, he took the initiative to go to the door. Meng Ji, accept your life! Hei Tiesheng roared and pounced on the nearest Mengjia Qizhuan Fairy. Hum, am I afraid of you? Meng Ji was brave and aggressive, so he fought back. Boom, boom! The two sides fought until the sky exploded and the air billowed. After a few rounds, Meng Ji, who was proud of his bravery, turned around and ran away. He is brave, but Hei Tiesheng is no longer brave, but a madman who is not afraid of death! When he fought with Meng Ji, it was all about exchanging injuries for injuries and lives for lives. Several times down, Meng disease can not resist, immediately retreat. Hei Tiesheng was about to catch up when he heard Hei Jiaxian calling for help. He pulled away and rushed to the rescue. "Guan Chou, look!" Black Tiesheng fit on the body, around the flow of dark light, sweeping the world, engulfing all directions. Guan Chou was a fairy who changed his way and became a lion at this time. With a loud roar, he collided with Hei Tiesheng. The next moment, Guan Chou turned into a lion, like a broken sack, and flew out upside down. Hei Tiesheng pounced on it again. "With a cry, the ugly monster quickly turned into a bird and shot away." A man without guts! Hei Tiesheng could not catch up with him and snorted coldly. With a quick sweep of his eyes, Hei Tiesheng took aim at the nearest seven-turn fairy Liu. Liu turns around and feels better! When he saw Hei Tiesheng coming, he immediately withdrew. Hei Tiesheng was in hot pursuit, and Liu turned around and led him to Tiandu Shenjun. Tiandu Shenjun shivered all over and took to his heels. Liu turned around and led Hei Tiesheng to the free scholar. The free scholar sneered, triggering a tripartite scuffle. Boom, boom! Moments later, amid a loud noise, Liu turned around and the free scholar retreated one after another. Hei Tiesheng then fought in all directions and was invincible. High in the sky, the great elder of the black family sighed: "Tiesheng this child..." He knew that Hei Tiesheng had a forbidden move,tube lip gloss, which could consume his own longevity yuan and increase the power of killing. He is really desperate at the moment! It is true that the Demon Demon Immortal has no intention of fighting to the death. But this alone will never be invincible. Hei Tiesheng made many bewitching immortals suffer a lot. All of these people are highly cultivated or have profound means. Previous competitions and battles have already eliminated a large number of weak people in the magic fairy. But no matter how powerful the black iron is, it is not as powerful as eight turns. He can't save the situation by himself. An eagle was captured or killed, and the blood of a black fairy was sprinkled in the sky. War! Fight to the death.