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"You still want to sleep?" "If I don't sleep,rapid sand filters, how can I go back to my dreams and see my gold, silver and jewels?" Then you go to sleep, and I will ignore you. I'll leave you to your dreams of making a fortune. Little Fengzi was stunned

Zhang Yi was faster than that guy. Before everyone could react, he had a pistol in his hand. He pulled the trigger directly at the boss. When the guy was still proud, he saw the pistol in Zhang Yi's hand. The first thing he thought of was not shooting, but evading. Zhang Yi knew that he was right. If this guy also chose to shoot directly, he really wanted to avoid it. Unexpectedly, this guy also chose to avoid it. Zhang Yi was like a fool, looking at this small hoodlum, the bullets in his pistol, but what special bullets the small crystal made, to see where you hide. When Zhang Yi took out his gun at the first time, no matter the fat man brought those people, or those small hoodlums, even those injured guys, they all found a place to hide for a moment. Their hearts kept beating. They were used to fighting and killing. Even if they lost, they never dared to take out their guns to fight. Today, they met two madmen who ignored the rules of the road and took out their guns. This is still a busy city, not a place where no one cares about the countryside. Everyone thought to themselves that this was a terrible time. In a few minutes, the police came. Even if they were hacked to death, they did not want to be caught by the police. In the eyes of those colleagues, this is to lose their face, do not expect in the future, in this line of mixing,Belt Filter Press, the boss is still thinking of good things, thought he had dodged a bullet, he just dodged a bullet, a roll to shoot at Zhang Yi. Unexpectedly, he dodged. The wall behind him could not hide. The bullet hit the wall, just like a bomb. It exploded in an instant. The shrapnel and shock wave lifted the guy with the gun 3 meters high and fell heavily. The pistol was also thrown by him in a muddle. This guy is now lying there, motionless. Zhang Yi went over to pick up the gun on the ground and looked at it. It was not bad. It could hold seven bullets, or standard American goods. This gun is a little bit better than Zhang Yi's 77 pistol. Let the little crystal transform it. It is also a killing weapon. I threw it to the little crystal casually. I looked at the guy who was looking for a place to hide and seek. He said to the fat man: "You get out of here quickly. The police will come later." The fat man looked at Zhang Yi timidly, and then looked at the guys he had brought with him. Now one by one,rapid sand filters, he couldn't run away quickly. Of course, he was the same, but he held back and said to Zhang Yi, "We're leaving. What are you going to do?"? Or let me take the blame! Zhang Yi looked at this guy a little strangely. Unexpectedly, he was still thinking about himself. He felt a little warm in his heart. He smiled at him and said, "Don't worry. I'm sure there's nothing wrong. I'll come here to find you in a few days. How about that?" Good! We have a deal! The fat man thought Zhang Yi was comforting him, so he looked at Zhang Yi a few times, as if he wanted to remember him in his heart. He reluctantly ran away. Zhang Yi saw that everyone had run away. Of course, he couldn't keep these unlucky children and go out later to continue doing these unconscionable bad things. Zhang Yi picked up a few knives they threw down, one in each hand, facing the guy who was still there, shivering, one knife at a time. It was not until Zhang Yi easily and resolutely got seven that these people slowly stood up and gathered together. Zhang Yi, who was holding a knife, was not afraid at all. They all rushed forward and wanted to get rid of Zhang Yi. Only in this way, Wall Penstocks ,lamella clarifer, they might have a way out, or everyone would die. Zhang Yi looked at these guys and cursed them. They were really a group. When there were more than 20 people just now, they didn't unite. Is it too late now? There were only a dozen people, which was not enough to fill their teeth. Zhang Yi took a knife in both hands and rushed towards them. The impact of courage and blood, the impact of morality and conscience, the impact of survival and death, Zhang Yi found the right opportunity to cut off the arms of these guys, just one impact, six people lost their fighting ability and rolled on the ground in pain. Zhang Yi did not feel better. There were knife wounds on his back and arms. Fortunately, with the help of small crystals, there were basically some skin injuries. There were almost 11 people left. As long as he had another impact, they would almost all lie down. This time, they would have to make a quick decision. Kill! Zhang Yi shouted, toward these guys, looking at Zhang Yi that, like the God of war possession of the brave invincible, scared a few gutless guys, directly threw the knife in his hand, regardless of what, turned around and ran away. As soon as Zhang Yi saw that there were such people, he actually ran away before the battle to see if you could run past the bullets. Only a few shots were heard. The guys who were running away fell to the ground, and the wounds on their bodies were simply too horrible to look at. A siren sound came over, Zhang Yi also ignored, he had no time, directly to the guy who was still venting, pulled the trigger, a few shots, all of a sudden the police, are scared to act rashly, the speed of movement, can be called tortoise speed. Zhang Yi felt that all the other guys were dead except the boss, so he threw the boss to the little crystal and asked her to take something out of the guy's mouth, such as where the senior meeting was, and where the human organs were needed! Although Zhang Yi is not a good man, but he still has principles, what can be done, what can not be done, there must be a bottom in his heart, just like those small hoodlums killed by Zhang Yi, what they do, has lost the qualifications to be a man, although their retribution has not yet arrived, also can not stop, Zhang Yi wants to kill their hearts! Changed a suit of clothes, Zhang Yi still appeared in an alley, here is not far from the place where the killing just now, can still hear the clear siren, Zhang Yi looked at the police at the corner of the street, are still there to keep shouting: "Listen to the people inside, you have been surrounded,multi disc screw press, lay down your weapons, surrender immediately." "Listen to the people inside. You are surrounded. Lay down your arms and surrender immediately. There is a limit to our patience. If we don't surrender voluntarily, we will shoot." The content of their shouts is very much the same. Can you change a new pattern next time.