Peerless Tangmen

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It's all right, someone will take care of it. He was just worried about her,automated warehouse systems, so he asked so inexplicably, and suddenly remembered Lu Zhan's words, and his heart was restless. Ah Shen Yu froze for a moment and did not react.

The college has paid so many resources for them, can't they bear the pain? Then how can they be worthy of the college's efforts? He Caitou was awakened by Lu Xiaoxiao, and he immediately felt his change, and the nausea all disappeared in a brief coma. The second way. Peony lobster. This one is also better to eat raw, but you can kill it and eat it again, instead of eating it alive. I'll cook, you eat, right now. As he spoke, Lu Xiaoxiao opened two golden covers, each with a lobster about a palm long in the white disk. However, its body is still struggling to move, but do not know what force is bound, is unable to leave the plate. Lu Xiaoxiao hands do not know when each more than a small silver knife, and then Huo Yuhao, and vegetable head saw the afterimage. In their eyes, the two living lobsters seemed to be taking off their carapaces, the whole body quickly decomposed, and then a thin piece of shrimp meat fell on the plate in front of Huo Yuhao and Caitou. Eat it right away, and you will feel the beauty of the ultimate delicacy. Huo Yuhao had a lesson before,heavy duty rack manufacturers, this time did not hesitate, immediately picked up a fork to pick up a piece of peony lobster meat into the mouth. The thin lobster meat is presented as pink, with an indescribable temptation in itself, melting in the mouth, turning into a sweet juice mixed with the delicacy of the sea and sliding into the belly. If the previous Aura sea urchin is extremely unpalatable, then this peony lobster meat is extremely delicious. With the juice of shrimp meat entering the abdomen, a warmth spreads from the stomach and intestines,medium duty racking, and the pores open again, this time comfortably, as if the tiredness of the day is slowly disappearing. Although compared with Huo Yuhao, he hesitated half a minute, but he still ate. Soon, both of them enjoyed it. After a while, the two peony lobsters all became their nutrients. Lingyun sea urchin, which is only produced in a small sea area on the east coast of the Dou Ling Empire, is not a soul beast itself. But it is a delicacy that all soul beasts dream of. If you eat it, you can open the spirit of the soul beast and get twice the result with half the effort. Legend has it that as long as a soul beast can eat a hundred Aura sea urchins, it can have the wisdom of a hundred thousand years of soul beasts. For us human soul masters, Aura Sea Urchin can nourish our souls and increase our understanding. Simply put, it is to strengthen your mental strength, push back racking system ,teardrop pallet racking, resist mental fatigue and make you smarter. "Compared with the Aura Sea Urchin, the peony lobster is named for its bright red tail, which is as beautiful as a peony flower when it spreads out.". Although it is also a top ingredient, its value is much worse than that of Lingyun sea urchin. It contains rich and pure nutrition, which can be absorbed most directly. It is of great benefit to restore your own physical strength and strengthen your physique. Starting today, you should be able to eat one every day. And Aura Sea Urchin, we still have ten in stock, and then it's up to your luck. When Lu Xiaoxiao finished explaining for them, it was also the time when the two peony lobsters were all eaten. Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were surprised to see that the two peony lobsters had become complete again. The shrimp meat was eaten by them, but the shells were put together again, as if they were still alive, vividly placed in the center of the plate. This teacher Lu is clearly a perfectionist! "The third course." Next, a table of delicious food in Lu Xiaoxiao's explanation gradually became the food of Huo Yuhao and Caitou, and the two gradually became adapted from the beginning. Not all food tastes bad, but there are many that taste bad. After the two men finished eating a table of food, they all had a feeling of surprise that after eating so many things, they did not feel full, but the whole person's spirit was unprecedented excitement, the body completely recovered to the peak state, or even better. "There are different ingredients in different places," said Lu Xiaoxiao. Not all good ingredients are expensive. When you are in a desperate situation, you must supplement your physical strength through food. At this time, nutrition will have a great effect on you. I hope you can remember. Come back tomorrow night. ” "Thank you, Mr. Lu." From the initial anger to the final conviction, Huo Yuhao and Caitou all have a feeling of being separated from the world. The powerful teachers of Shrek Academy are also showing them bit by bit. Two people just walk out of this exclusive canteen, the sail feather is already waiting for them outside, "the energy has recovered.". Go to study with me for another hour, and then you can go back and think about it seriously. I forgot to tell you that it's hard to meditate after eating enough top foods. I hope you can take advantage of your energetic time to think more and integrate what you have learned today. Facts have proved that Fan Yu did not exaggerate, when Huo Yuhao returned to the Poseidon Pavilion at night, how can not enter the state of meditation, is really honest thinking for more than an hour, midnight and Wang Dong began to practice together. From this day on, Huo Yuhao's life suddenly became rich and substantial. The study in the outer courtyard is the most intense, and he has to learn a lot of knowledge three days a week, but he is more miserable than he is, and he has to immerse himself in this study seven days a week. But Mu Lao's teaching is different. Mu Lao will not let him remember anything, more importantly, guidance, often Mu Lao just do ambiguous narration, and point out the key to the problem, and then let Huo Yuhao think for himself. Mu Lao's meaning is very obvious, only the thing that oneself thinks to come, just be absorbed by oneself most easily. Something that really becomes itself. Mu Lao's more than two hundred years of experience and knowledge,shuttle rack system, in the process of this guidance, imperceptibly influenced Huo Yuhao, but also helped him improve his ability. Time passes quickly in this tense and rich life. Huo Yuhao's abilities in all aspects advance by leaps and bounds. Even he can feel that he is making progress every day.