Commit a crime

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Lu Sheng looked at the two men from a distance,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, Cao Fang obviously had the upper hand, which made Lu Sheng very uncomfortable, he did not understand why he was so seriously injured when he was fighting with Gu Xu? This is really a shame!.

Lu Sheng had the upper hand, but he had just been whipped today, and the wound on his back was fresh. Since Gu Xu accidentally touched his wound, he cried out in pain, and Gu Xu kept hitting him on the back. After being held by him and unable to move, Gu Xu stretched out his hand from the gap to buckle the wound on his back. For a moment, Gu Xu's nails were stained with a lot of flesh and blood. As soon as Lu Sheng ate the pain, he became more ruthless. Only Gu Xu is not afraid of pain, not afraid of death, Lu Sheng is the opposite, afraid of pain, afraid of death, so two people fight, for a time can not win or lose. When the palace people outside the door heard the noise, they rushed in and waited to pull them apart and light the candles in the room. Only then did the palace people see clearly that the two children had injuries on their faces. The corners of the mouth are bloody, and the face is swollen! Palace people see this are stunned in place, they seem to know that at the moment should stand in front of the prince's point of view to reprimand the little girl, but looking at the two children face similar wounds, do not know what to say for a moment. When the crowd was deadlocked, the eunuch's sharp voice came not far away. "The queen is here." Lu Sheng wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and when he heard the sound, his face twitched again with pain. Chapter 9 The first one to react was Lu Sheng, who reached out to take off his torn clothes and threw them on the ground. Seeing this, the people of the four palaces immediately gathered together. Some turned around to tidy up the scattered tables and chairs in the room,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, while others went to the wardrobe in the inner room to take out brand-new clothes for Lu Sheng. Cao Fang was squeezed in the middle by a group of elderly palace people, but also very actively reached out to smooth Lu Sheng's skirt, while peeking at Gu Xu, who was standing foolishly with tears on his face. When the queen came in, the room had been tidied up by the quick palace people, Lu Sheng was also dressed neatly, even the bun was tied up again, but the pretty white face was swollen, and the corners of the mouth were bruised. All of a sudden,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the people around the palace knelt down and saluted the queen. Lu Sheng put his hands behind his back, and when he saw the queen approaching, his little face wrinkled and he called out'Mother Queen 'with extreme coldness. His voice was light and sounded too perfunctory. The queen, now thirty, had a miscarriage before giving birth to Lu Sheng, so her body was broken. After giving birth to Lu Sheng, her body became weaker and weaker. She liked to be quiet and stayed in the Kunning Palace all the time. Today, she came to the East Palace for some unknown reason. Prince Lu Sheng was in the palace, making people turn upside down, but the queen was hiding in the Kunning Palace. People all think that the empress is virtuous and virtuous, and the prince is arrogant and domineering. Only the people in the East Palace know that the empress is more terrible than the prince. She walked slowly into the room, did not call the side of the palace people to get up, straight over Lu Sheng walked to the front of Gu Xu, the Bureau looked down at the little girl in front of him. Seeing that Gu Xu was black and blue and his hair was messy, she looked away in disgust. Then she walked to Lu Sheng's side. She began to look at Lu Sheng up and down again. Seeing that Lu Sheng's face was no better than Gu Xu's, she stretched out her right hand wearing a golden armor and pinched his slightly pointed jaw. The armor on her fingers was inlaid with colored jewelry, dap diammonium phosphate ,caustic calcined magnesite, about six inches long, and her fingertips almost poked the white and tender skin of Lu Sheng's neck. When she looked at Lu Sheng, she looked like a woman choosing food in a folk vegetable market. Lu Sheng grinded his teeth and reached out to pinch the two thin and long armor sleeves. He pushed her whole hand away with a little force. His face was flat and he said, "Why is my mother here today?" The queen did not pay attention to his question, but took advantage of the opportunity to withdraw his hand and asked softly, "Was this wound hit by her?" She pointed to Gu Xu, Lu Sheng understood, nodded, did not care about the'um '. Call back. The queen's voice was soft and thin, very similar to that of the eunuch beside her. Lu Sheng stared at her, raising his eyebrows slightly and smiling very strangely. He tilted his head and asked, "Mother, let me fight back?" The queen nodded, eyes haughty and free, she did not look at anyone in the field, turned around and slowly stretched out her right hand, immediately Mammy came forward respectfully to help her walk slowly to the upper armchair to sit down. Looking for a comfortable sitting position, she saw Lu Sheng standing still. With her head propped up, she squinted doubtfully and asked, "You've been bullied like this. Don't you know how to fight back?" Lu Sheng laughed at the whole process of the empress. He sat down on the chair beside him and said lightly, "The mother is wrong. As a prince, how can I haggle with her? Even if I fight back, I don't need to do it myself." He took the teacup beside him and tapped it gently. "Cao Fang," he said, "fight back for the prince." Cao Fang, who had been huddled in the corner, was suddenly called by the prince. He came out with his head down. His face was full of vegetables, but he nodded his head and said, "The slave obeys." Gu Xu, who had been standing idly and ignored, understood the conversation of these people. She saw that Cao Fang was tall, but very thin, so she was not afraid, but in the bright candlelight, she was stared at by the crowd and felt very isolated and helpless. She turned to look at her dead little brother on the table behind her, hoping he would cry or laugh, but the child was quieter than he was. There was silence in the room, Cao Fang approached step by step, and Gu Xu retreated step by step. Lu Sheng stretched his upper body forward slightly and stared at the two men with his eyes like torches. The first queen saw Gu Xuxiao's face like Ouyang Lan, frowned lightly, tapped the edge of the teacup with the armor, and the sound was clear and piercing in everyone's ears. Although Cao Fang took pity on Gu Xu, a silly girl, Prince Lu Sheng asked him to beat him, so he really beat him. He was tall and had long limbs. He stretched out one hand to hold Gu Xu's collar, and the free hand slapped him in the past. The quiet room immediately sounded a clear sound of ear light. Lu Sheng raised his eyebrows, withdrew his upper body slightly in front of him, sat up straight and looked at them coldly with his hands around his chest. The corner of Gu Xu's mouth suddenly overflowed with blood. She was so painful that she wanted to cry but couldn't. With a cruel heart, she lowered her head and bit Cao Fang's right hand, which pinched her collar. Cao Fang was very alert, let go of his hand in an instant, threw Gu Xu to the ground again, and stretched out his foot to kick her. Lu Sheng looked at the two men from a distance,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, Cao Fang obviously had the upper hand, which made Lu Sheng very uncomfortable, he did not understand why he was so seriously injured when he was fighting with Gu Xu? This is really a shame!.