Jin Man Cang in the 1980s

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Lu Sheng looked at the two men from a distance,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, Cao Fang obviously had the upper hand, which made Lu Sheng very uncomfortable, he did not understand why he was so seriously injured when he was fighting with Gu Xu? This is really a shame!.

Yang Ningxin nodded: "I saw you when I went out with Uncle Liu last time." She had never seen this director Jiang, but she deliberately said so, so that he felt as if he was very familiar with Minister Liu, perhaps he could take care of Liao Xiaomei. Director Jiang laughed: "You are a little kid with a photographic memory!" Yesterday, when Minister Liu told him that he had invited a woman to tidy up the office for a few days, he wondered if this person was related to Minister Liu. Otherwise, why did he suddenly recommend a person to do the tidying work? Don't you usually clean the office by yourself? He thought to himself that since he was a relative of Minister Liu, he could not wronged her and had to give her some money. As soon as he opened his mouth, Minister Liu agreed: "It's also time to give her some money. I want her to do it carefully. It's just about to celebrate the New Year. Tidy up the office and have a lively New Year." It must have something to do with Minister Liu. If it weren't for Minister Liu, how could he agree so readily! Director Jiang hurriedly made a form and wrote a plan yesterday and sent it to Secretary Sun for instructions. When Secretary Sun heard that it was the person recommended by Minister Liu, he signed without saying a word: "OK, the office building is just going to be cleaned, so please ask her to come and tidy it up." Minister Liu should have told Secretary Sun, otherwise how could Secretary Sun agree so readily? As soon as he got the form back, Zuo Yahui came over to ask for the badge and pass: "Minister Liu's people will often walk around the courtyard of our county committee from tomorrow." Director Jiang understood very well in his heart. Of course, this was for the tidying up work. He hurriedly handed over the badge and pass to Zuo Yahui. He thought in his heart that the wages could not be lowered. If people hadn't complained to Minister Liu, Minister Liu would have had a problem with him. Now listening to Yang Ningxin mention going out with Minister Liu,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, he said so lightly that he must be a relative of Minister Liu. He smiled and nodded to Liao Xiaomei: "Hello, my surname is Jiang." "Director Jiang." Liao Xiaomei is not a dull, naturally know the identity of this person in front of him, hurriedly came forward to shout. May I have your name, please "My surname is Liao." Liao Xiaomei accompanied the smiling face: "Director Jiang will be in trouble these days." "No problem, no problem!" Director Jiang made a loud ha-ha: "We have six buildings here. You can tidy up these buildings in the past few days. After Minister Liu raised this matter yesterday,Magnesium Sulphate producer, I reported it to Secretary Sun. Secretary Sun agreed to the declaration of our logistics department. Well, two yuan for one building, a total of twelve yuan for all tidied up. Do you think it's appropriate?" Liao Xiaomei can't believe her ears, isn't it just to clean up, but also to get twelve yuan? Seeing that she did not speak, Director Jiang said in all earnestness with a slightly apologetic tone: "Xiao Liao, it's not that I don't want to give you more money. After all, there are so many pairs of eyes watching in the county party committee compound. If I give too much, someone will inevitably gossip behind my back. This is not very good for Minister Liu, is it?"? Besides, it's easy for us to clean up these buildings. We have our own cleaning every week. It's just that there are so many things to do this month, and we haven't cleaned it for a week. Minister Liu just wants to call you to clean it. Director Jiang thought in his heart that it seemed that Minister Liu's mother's surname was Liao. This woman should be Minister Liu's cousin or something like that. She gave him two yuan for a building, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide powder, which was indeed a little less, but if he gave him a higher wage, Secretary Sun might not agree. He could only find a way to give her some other subsidies, such as a candy box for year-end welfare. She was beautiful and polite. Take out the candy, and the box can hold melon seeds and peanuts. It's a good plate. Yang Ningxin pulled Liao Xiaomei's hand, thinking that her mother would quickly agree, ah, two yuan a building, twelve yuan can be earned in a few days, she did not agree? Unless it's stupid. Liao Xiaomei finally turned around and nodded: "Director Jiang, I know, I know you are good for me, the price is very fair, I will start to do the finishing work now.". ” When Director Jiang saw that Liao Xiaomei had promised to come down, a smile appeared on his face. He raised his chin to the young man sitting opposite: "Xiao Huang, take Comrade Liao to get the cleaning tools." "Mom, I went to the propaganda brigade. If you go home, come to Publicity Department to find me." When Yang Ningxin saw that Liao Xiaomei had settled down, she took the pass that Director Jiang had given her and put it in her pocket and skipped out. Chapter 84 Zuo Yahui is responsible for the rehearsal of this red drama, which has profound educational significance. The person who wrote this script, Yang Ningxin, probably has never been to the countryside. The content of the script is probably in response to the call of Chairman Mao. The educated youth go to the countryside. There are three children in a family. The mother in the family is narrow-minded and does not want the children to leave her for the remote countryside. But all three of them are ambitious and want to rush to receive the re-education of the poor and lower-middle peasants. They all say that the countryside is a vast world and worth exercising. They also describe the countryside as a paradise. The scenery is beautiful, and all the people living in the countryside are happy. The worst thing was that one of the three children, who was only four years old, also said that he would go to the countryside with his brothers and sisters. The role that Yang Ningxin wants to play is this four-year-old child, an active socialist builder. And Zuo Yahui is her elder sister, a beautiful college student, give up the opportunity to work in the big city, resolutely went to the countryside, and her boyfriend, no, that era did not have the word "boyfriend", can only be said to have a good impression on her, there is a male classmate of GE life friendship, originally a serious bourgeois ideology, and later through the education of the elder sister, Finally, he realized his shortcomings and went to the vast rural new world with everyone. After Zuo Yahui told everyone the main idea of the script,calcium nitrate sol, the actors who were selected were all in high spirits: "This script is really well written. We must perform the dauntless spirit!" Yang Ningxin stood by and watched for a long time, only to feel dull. Is this a song of praise for the decision of the authorities? Even Zuo Yahui himself hurried to find a way back to the city, but also rehearsed programs to encourage more young intellectuals to rush to the "dreamlike paradise.". stargrace-magnesite.com