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Lu Sheng looked at the two men from a distance,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, Cao Fang obviously had the upper hand, which made Lu Sheng very uncomfortable, he did not understand why he was so seriously injured when he was fighting with Gu Xu? This is really a shame!.

Xilin Army, once one of the strongest legions on the planet, however, they betrayed at a critical moment, took refuge outside the country, turned around to suppress their own people, hands covered with blood, in a sense, they are more hateful than the Star Knight. Poof! Knife gas roll, Chu Feng's back was almost split, flesh and blood roll, deep visible bone. It was just a slight blow from the knife, and if it had been hit head-on, he would have been split in half. Dozens of mechanical clans came to catch up with them, some of them were like black gold, some of them were shiny and white, and some were green, which were different metal figures. Most of them are armed with swords! "Are you running away again?" The descendants of the Xilin Army also had many close pursuers, and the leader had a cold smile. Boom, boom! Chu Feng activated the field, the battleship group can not come in, this is good news for him, once again began to use their own field means, to destroy these people. Soon, however, his head was as big as a bucket. There were too many people. There were not one thousand mechanical clans, but also eight hundred. He quickly killed here. At this time, the descendants of the Xilin Army have also appeared one or two hundred people, in the rapid gathering. In an instant,Magnesium Oxide price, the light of the sword, the air of the sword and so on were flying, which would submerge this area. Boom! Some field areas were directly hit by this group of people and broke out ahead of time. Chu Feng turned around and walked away, too many people, scattered too far, can not all fall into the field, if he dares to stay, he will die. Behind him came screams, the disintegration of mechanical masters, and the strangling of the descendants of the Xilin Army by field symbols, lying dead on the ground. A descendant of the Xilin Army said in a cold voice,Magnesium Sulphate price, "Bastard, your pure-blood ancestors have all been destroyed. Do you want to turn the world upside down?"? In terms of pure blood, we are purer in this vein than your descendants of miscellaneous blood! This return to the home planet is to take away everything that was left behind in those years! "The Xilin people have returned!" One of the leaders shouted even more loudly. Xilin, originally the name of the legion, to other planets, they Xilin as a clan name. Chu Feng looked back and spat out a mouthful of blood foam. "You're the bastards," he said. "If you betray this place, you'll have the face to return? Still talk about the home planet, *** you, when as a puppet army, attack their own compatriots, more cold-blooded than that group of executioners. Now I still have the face to mention the purity of blood. I will destroy all your people sooner or later! Chu Feng fled and traveled through Huangshan Mountain. In the rear, people from the Mechanical Clan and the Xilin Clan fell down and were blocked by the field. Some died and some were seriously injured, but more people still chased them down. There were really too many people. Puff, puff. On Chu Feng's body, more than a dozen bright blood holes appeared directly before and after, which were pierced by a powerful Xilin master behind him. Anyway, it's still purple gas coming from the east. One of the leaders of the Xilin Clan said with a sneer that he was the first to succeed in crossing the border and that he had once pierced Chu Feng's body with one finger in the East China Sea. He was very young, and with a sneer at the corners of his mouth, he said, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, "As a good citizen of the mother planet and a good descendant, you haven't even learned this kind of necessary fingering. What kind of mother planet descendants do you deserve to talk to me about?"? Ridiculous! Chu Feng staggered, activated a field again, dodged in, and then fled. He is very angry, time is not waiting for him, the time to embark on the road of evolution is too short, he is eager for a higher level of power, if this battle does not die, he must go crazy to evolve, looking for all the opportunities that may exist on Earth. Damn the cassock, it's so unreliable! Chu Feng also wants to use this secret treasure to kill some enemies, even if he dies, but the cooling time is too long. Uh When Chu Feng cursed, the cassock in his hand finally shone, and under his urging, there was a reaction. Earlier, he did not dare to put it on his body, because if the field did not recover, he was afraid that the secret treasure would be destroyed by those attacks. Chu Feng put on his cassock, and suddenly the red clouds bloomed. Although his back was almost split by a long knife, and there were more than a dozen bright blood holes on his body, he was still laughing and turning around. Xilin bastard, pay me some interest first! He roared and turned around to kill him. Chapter 464 the end of birth. ? Chu Feng turned around in his cassock. As swift and violent as a thunder leopard, strong and powerful, swift and swift, with blazing clouds, directly killed the Xilin clan master. Mo Sheng was surprised that the native of the home planet dared to turn around and fight with him? Just now his fingers were shining, leaving more than a dozen blood holes on the man's body. If there were no field, it would be easy to kill him! In a hurry to kill, he did not understand Chu Feng, did not know this person before the battle, and naturally did not know the beauty of the cassock. Mo Sheng smiled and stood here, ready to kill Chu Feng. "That's interesting," he said. "Do you still feel that a cavity of blood can go against the sky?" Boom! Chu Feng directly killed, the cassock shines, if the bright red magma surges, his fist is more brilliant, like a small sun in the blooming light. Mo Sheng showed a faint smile, the other side showed the energy of the shackles, there is no promotion, there is no accident! He stood where he was, steady as a rock, until Chu Feng approached, and one of his legs, like thunder and lightning, burst into light there, swinging violently and pulling at Chu Feng's head. Mo Sheng's face was cold, and his leg was like a magic whip. Under normal circumstances, he could easily explode the head of his shackled opponent. It can be said that this blow is fierce and decisive, one leg down, destined to appear brain and blood splashing scene, extremely bloody. Boom! However, the final result made him change color, Chu Feng was so tough that he smashed his fist into the soles of his feet, and a blazing light broke out on the soles of his feet. The pain in the soles of his feet was unbearable, the bones were broken, and with a splash of blood, he could not help but let out a muffled hum and fly out. Ah Mo Sheng screamed, as if his right foot had been hit by Thor's hammer. It was in tatters, and the bones and stubble had come out, and it had been scrapped. The result was beyond his expectation and made his hair stand on end. At this time, he found that he could not use the energy of Xiaoyao Realm and fell into the shackles. Kill him for me! Mo Sheng roared in the process of retrogression,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, his face contorted by the pain. Around the Xilin people and mechanical people are surprised, how can this be the situation? Whoosh, whoosh. The eight men from the front of the Xilin clan came together to block Chu Feng. stargrace-magnesite.com