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Wen Yi, Chen Mingbin, Ma Jingjie, although also can not say how to have a sense of shame,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but the thickness of the face has not yet reached such an open plan to eat free food as Fang Linkong, but also speak out plausibly. Looking at the unconscious Fang Link

Sitting in the direction of the porthole, the young man who has been watching the seascape looks cold, blond and blue-eyed, representing a new rising force, Zhenyan Shenjiao. Even Zhou Qingzhe and Zhang Rongying were afraid of this man. Although they did not know what the young man's position was in the True Yan God religion. However, according to the legend of Zhenyan Shenjiao, there is a top master who can compete with yuan Qiankun. Although the strength of this order is not as strong as that of the International Demon Federation, it can not be underestimated. The most surprising thing is that the last one can attend the top gathering of the dark forces. It's a handsome priest. He was the most unhurried and calm of the four. Although it seemed that the priest was quite kind, the other three people in the room knew his background very well, and they had already appreciated his elusive and tough skills in countless encounters in the past. Even if Zhou Qingzhe and Zhang Rongying joined hands, they knew that they might not be able to get a good job under the priest. This man is the first master of the Demon Hunting Group in Olenvikin's mouth, Alan Xiudingsi. Since this scroll from a pre-Qin tomb was unearthed, there have been numerous struggles between various forces. Because this is not a thing that is coveted by value. There is no one here who is particularly interested in any worldly wealth. They are rich enough that adding a few more zeros to their assets doesn't make much sense. This book contains a great secret.. The book of Gou Li Tian,304 Stainless Steel Wire, which had fallen into the hands of the white whale, was now quietly placed on the table on the Oriana, and the people who coveted it were definitely not just the four sitting here. Zhou Qingzhe could not help but feel a little afraid, although he is also a monster who has practiced for more than ten thousand years, but in terms of strength,mirror stainless steel sheet, he is still far less than the first person in the demon world of yuan Qiankun. At ordinary times, with his eight courage, Zhou Qingzhe did not dare to disobey yuan Qiankun at all. This time he took the lead against yuan Qiankun, because he had these two strong cards in his hand, and now it depends on the effect of uncovering the cards. The white whale, floating and sinking at the bottom of the water, now has nothing in mind. He was always on a roll, but this time he had such a big fall in China that he was so angry that he could hardly contain his anger. After Zhou Qingzhe found him, the white whale gave birth to Gou Li Tian Shu regardless of the consequences. But now he looked at the green capsule he had risked to get, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, but there was a little hesitation in his heart. It is no secret that the International Federation of Demons has privately studied various stimulating drugs to enhance their strength. With the rapid development of gene technology, super-potent drugs containing some strange genes have been developed for a long time. It has become one of the temptations for some local monster organizations to absorb members by extracting the genes of powerful monsters and injecting them into the bodies of weak monsters, so that the weak ones can become as strong as rhinos. But the animal gene in the hands of the beluga whale is extraordinary. Because the gene contained in it is the ancient dragon. Moby Dick did not know how the top management of the International Demon Federation got the gene of this invincible mythical beast. But he was sure he had the real thing. Even without taking it, the overbearing clouds, water vapor and thunder and lightning from the green capsule made the beluga whale, who took the sea as his home, feel the terror of the ocean. This is the mythical beast that manipulates the ocean! I'm still not strong enough. Clenching his fist, Beluga no longer hesitated to swallow the green capsule. Then he closed his eyes and let his body sink to the bottom of the sea. Only under the pressure of the endless deep water at the bottom of the sea can Beluga complete this transformation. Wait for me! That idiot. How dare you tease me and make me look like a fool in public. I must come back with revenge. Just wait and see The rough sea has swallowed up the figure of the white whale in an instant. Far away in Hong Kong, the "Oleanna" has turned into a miserable battlefield. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM The Second Animalized Gene (Part One) As a demon hunter, Olenvikin is busy working almost every day. He had to leave as soon as possible when the matter of leaving the Heavenly Book came to an end. There are other tasks waiting for him to complete. In order to see Olenvikin off, Fang Linkong and Wen Yi also asked for a day off. The excuse is that "I have a bad stomach at dinner and I can't leave the bathroom for 24 hours.". "Fang Linkong was captured by Ding Chifeng before he could get to the airport last time, so this is the first time he has seen the airport.". The city's airport is spectacular. The spaciousness of the airport is not comparable to any building, the people coming and going, everyone is focused on their own things, the huge salute has become a necessary label for passengers, and the mood of parting is slowly floating here. Compared with the railway station, the departure atmosphere at the airport is even more bleak, because people who start their journey here often have a destination twice as far away. Olenvikin's investigation of Ding Chifeng is nominally over. He did not come to China for this purpose. Investigating the demonization gene is just an excuse, and there is no need to go deep at all. Although leaving contact information, Olenvikin also promised to invite them to travel to Europe next holiday. But the four high school students, who had not experienced many farewell scenes, were still a little sentimental. Fang Linkong felt a sense of loss when he saw Olenvikin waving with a smile as he passed the boarding gate. Unlike Wen Yi, Fang Linkong has never reversed his views on Olenvikin. For this foreign handsome priest, Fang Linkong is always afraid of three points, and the memory imprinted by his future self in his mind also makes him more aware of the cruelty of the dark world. Watching Olenvikin disappear among the many passengers boarding the plane, Fang Linkong immediately felt relaxed and said with a cheeky smile to Li Bing, who came to see Olenvikin off: "I asked for leave today anyway. Why don't you invite us to dinner?"! You are the only one with the best financial situation here. Wen Yi, Chen Mingbin, Ma Jingjie, although also can not say how to have a sense of shame,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but the thickness of the face has not yet reached such an open plan to eat free food as Fang Linkong, but also speak out plausibly. Looking at the unconscious Fang Linkong, the three friends all secretly pinched their sweat and felt humiliated for him. sxthsteel.com