The Fat Wife of the Reborn Military Marriage Turned Over

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Zhu Haimei hung up the phone and hurried out. She just felt that her brain was not enough. What should she do about this matter? She should not see Chen Chongan first, but should see Shen Dongyuan first, if only he could make up his mind.

Zhu Haimei asked, "Why is it so difficult to see him? Even in the handover of work, it shouldn't be so difficult. Besides, he is a deputy battalion commander. Did he make a mistake to prohibit access to the military region, or did he come into contact with drugs, which led to the 628 incident?" "Younger brother and sister, don't be aggressive. Dongyuan is like this now. Don't I feel sad? Who was the one who stopped him from going to the Delta at the beginning?" Chen Chongan is also very angry, "I have long said that there, both personnel and relationships are very complicated, he still insists on going, now, something has happened, a good man has been tossed like this, do I want to see this?" Zhu Haimei wants to cry, but this is at home, she can not cry, she must be strong, there are old people at home, there are children, he can not be fragile first. Okay, isn't there a lack of evidence for the 628 incident? I'll give it to you. Chen Chongan said in surprise, "how do you know?" Zhu Haimei said coldly,Walking measuring wheel, "There is no impermeable wall in the world, there will always be people who know, but don't doubt Shen Dongyuan, he saw me once that day, and there were people beside us when we met." "I'm sure he won't be what he said," Chen Chongan said seriously, "but you have to be careful not to be used by those who are interested." Zhu Haimei said with a sneer, "use?"? What else do we have to be used for? At the worst,Fiberglass tape measure, we don't want anything and go back to our hometown together. "Younger brother and sister, don't be impulsive," said Chen Chongan. "I admit that I had a bad attitude just now. You must not mind. It has been many days, and we have no clue at all. This matter is not only related to Shen Dongyuan, but also involves a lot of things. What is the evidence you said? Have you seen it? "And what evidence do you want?" Zhu Haimei asked. Now that you have talked about the evidence, you should understand what kind of incident the 628 incident is. Killing an informant is a very bad thing. Everyone agreed that Dongyuan was mentally deranged after contacting drugs and killed the informant by mistake, but Dongyuan told us that it was not. He said that the informant had mutinied and he had to kill him. Who could believe what he said without evidence? Zhu Haimei heart way, Shen Dongyuan is not too silly, really told them the truth, and, Pei Jin is also loyal, directly showed him the evidence first. "What are you going to do if you never find the evidence?" She asked. Chen Chongan took a deep breath and said, "The phone is not the place to talk. Since you already know, I think it's necessary for us to talk about it in detail." Zhu Haimei agreed, since it has been said, Adhesive fish ruler ,Pi tape measure, there is nothing to hide, she has planned, if it is necessary, she will use Miaomiao in exchange for Shen Dongyuan's innocence. When Miaomiao grew up, she had no regrets whether she hated or resented. When they met at the appointed place, Zhu Haimei hung up the phone and went into the bedroom, changing clothes and talking to her mother-in-law, "Mom, what do you think of Pei Shaoquan who came this afternoon?" "He is small and clever." "What do you think of him making a baby kiss with Miaomiao?" Plum mother-in-law said in surprise, "In this age, how can there be a baby kiss? What if Miaomiao doesn't want to do when she grows up?" "I tell you, do you think Chen Xiaoou's family is rich or Song Guanghui's family is rich?" Plum mother-in-law thought about it and said, "I think Song Guanghui's family is rich." "Right? Song Guanghui bought a large piece of land in Shanghai. When he bought the land, he went to beg Pei Shaoquan's family. As a result, Pei Shaoquan's father did not show up and let his employees solve it.". Do you think such a doll can be set? Plum mother-in-law surprised way, "such a good thing can turn to our family?" "You have to dare to think about things in the world. Only when you think about it can you realize it. You take good care of potatoes and Miaomiao at home. I want to go out." She put on her bag, kissed potatoes and Miaomiao by the way, and was about to leave. Plum mother-in-law in the back, hurriedly said, "Plum, the baby's marriage is not a trivial matter, I think you still wait for Dongyuan to come back, you discuss and then decide." Zhu Haimei looked back and said, "I know I won't be so impulsive." The most shameful thing in the world is people like her, who keep saying that they are good for their children and others, but in the final analysis, they are all for their own selfishness, because she doesn't want Shen Dongyuan to be a wimp all her life. Chapter 811 secret talks. As soon as Zhu Haimei wanted to go out, the phone in the living room rang. She hesitated for a moment and decided to answer the phone before going out. Hello, this is Zhu Haimei. "Miaomiao's mother, I am Pei Shaoquan. I have convinced Pei Jin that he can provide the two pieces of evidence." Zhu Haimei asked in surprise, "what conditions does your father have?" "Conditional." Zhu Haimei's heart immediately mentioned the throat, is it still necessary to set the baby kiss? "What terms?" She asked in a deep voice. "The condition is that if the evidence is to be given to anyone, he must be present." Zhu Haimei could not help but smile bitterly, when others asked for a baby kiss, she did not want to set, now she wants to set, others have changed the conditions. Suddenly, she understood what Chen Chongan meant when he said on the phone that this matter involved a wide range of things. For the so-called 628 incident, Shen Dongyuan is actually an introduction. It depends on whether the virus is fierce or not. If it is fierce, maybe the introduction is useless. If it is not fierce, the introduction has an effect, maybe it can kill the virus. I'll get back to you tomorrow morning, okay? Said Zhu Haimei. OK "Well," she had made an appointment to meet Chen Chongan. If she didn't start, she might be late. She said, "I'll hang up first and get in touch early tomorrow morning." "OK, Miaomiao's mother,Surveyors tape measure, goodbye." Zhu Haimei hung up the phone and hurried out. She just felt that her brain was not enough. What should she do about this matter? She should not see Chen Chongan first, but should see Shen Dongyuan first, if only he could make up his mind.