Me, from a thousand years ago-2

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The author has something to say: 12 o'clock later. Yiran has delayed too long today, and this chapter is a little short! I'm sorry, everyone Chapter 74 Li Cheng. I have to admit that Baoqin is a transparent person.

"It's wonderful!" With a smile on her face, Chen Jinglan nodded firmly to Lin Jian. Lin Jian, you are so handsome! I decided to change my idol to you! Anjelina stood beside the simulation cabin excitedly, trembling with excitement. Hey, good job. Morris reclined in the doorway of the heavy position, his mouth curled, but his eyes were full of appreciation. Thank you! Looking around at her friends who congratulated her, Lin Jian's face showed a smile. The author has something to say: Ah, Xiaoyan really didn't mean to get stuck here, nor did she suddenly open V. Before that, she put a notice on the copy to open V, but JJ never spit it out for me. 5555 Last night, for those three chapters, I wrote until three o'clock in the morning. I wanted to finish this game, but I was really exhausted. This battle is the focus of this volume. I wanted to write well in an energetic situation, so I waited until tonight to write. Let everyone scratch the wall uncomfortable, really sorry, Xiaoyan NeiNiu apologize!!! I will work hard, clench your fist,Whirlpool bathtub, please support, bow! 34034 Freshman Competition (5) In the same situation, one has won the counterattack because of the commander's extraordinary tactics, while the other is still struggling to support it. After talking about the victory of Lin Jian, the officers in the observation room finally realized that the students of Drakander Starship Academy, another military Academy of the Empire, were still in dire Straits. The problem they face is very similar to Lin Jian's situation before,whirlpool hot tub, but the difference is that behind them is a black hole in space, and they don't have the help of the stellar wind. Can it only be nibbled here bit by bit? The fleet of the Democratic Alliance Galaxy is surprisingly good at fighting. No, it should be said that the young commander is surprisingly smart. The fleet he led did not see the style of the Alliance Galaxy at all. In the impression of the officers, the Alliance Galaxy has hardly had any outstanding generals in the whole history of the human universe. They have a rather simplistic fighting style, which is simple, meaningless, and likes to fight hard. However, the young student from the first high military Academy in the Alliance Galaxy showed outstanding command ability. Ethereal, changeable, treacherous. Because Lin Jian's battle just now was too gorgeous, the officers in the whole observation room did not know how the commander of the Alliance Galaxy had the absolute upper hand in silence. So at the request of a senior official, the big screen that had just played the battle of Lin Jian began to play back the battle scene between the two schools at five times speed. From the first contact, in almost every skirmish, the Drakander fleet gained the upper hand. The fleet of the Alliance system is not as strong as it used to be. Once they are suppressed, whirlpool hot tub spa ,indoor endless pool, they quickly flee the battlefield. When the Drakander fleet catches up, some more warships will appear and then escape again after contact. The large screen clearly showed that nearly half of the fleet of the Alliance Galaxy was still nearly two hours away from the Drakand fleet, while the other half of their fleet was like a pearl necklace on the way to the third fortress of the Drakand fleet. With two hundred warships as the number unit, they constantly appeared in the rear of the Drakand fleet, and fled in all directions as soon as they came into contact, leaving their opponents very helpless. If you pursue, you will feel like being led by the nose by your opponent, but if you don't pursue, then such provocations will make everyone very upset. That kind of feeling is like an urchin playing a strong man, who at first feels that the other party is not worth getting angry, but then is harassed again and again. When he was really angry, the urchin ran away. This strange situation made the officers in the observation room look at each other, and they all saw a loss in the eyes of their companions. But vaguely, with years of military experience to smell the smell of conspiracy, if these officers to carry out this battle, then experience can not let them understand the real purpose of the other side, but enough to remind them of the existence of conspiracy. It was a pity that Princess Catherine, the commander of the Delacand fleet, though talented, was inexperienced. As time went on, the officers gradually discovered the problem, and unconsciously, the formation of the Drakand fleet was pulled into a long line because of the harassment from behind. Shit! Almost at the same time, the idea came to the minds of all the officers of the Empire at the same time. Princess Catherine apparently later discovered the formation of her own fleet, and began to order the other side to ignore the harassment, the front fleet stopped moving forward, the rear fleet moved quickly, trying to rearrange the formation completely. Unfortunately, it was too late, the other side did not give them a chance to redeploy, and the fleets that had escaped in all directions appeared at a very fast speed in the center of their fleet. Like a standing cone from four directions, it nailed a long snake on the spot. Drakander fleet immediately alerted, after the initial panic, they began to change formation, in order to resist attacks from four directions, they wanted to change the fleet from a long snake array to a four-cornered cone, but the rhythm was always slow, in the moment they changed formation, a successful alliance galaxy fleet began to change formation at the same time. The fleet in four directions began to transform into a ring and began to attack the cone end of the four-pointed cone. Looking at the painful response of the Drakand fleet, all the officers'minds came up with the beautiful ship movement of the previous Linjian fleet. If the Drakander fleet had that kind of powerful ship movement ability at this moment, it would not be so passive at this time. At this point, in the face of only half the number of warships of the other side, the number advantage of the Drakand fleet has turned into a disadvantage in action,hot tub wholesale, the ship is small and easy to turn around, which is too perfect for the other side to do. No more fighting here! Many officers began to sweat as if they were on the scene, because they could already see on the big screen that the other half of the Alliance Galaxy Fleet was now speeding around the battle site and heading for the fortress. The disadvantage of birthplace has been completely reversed by them.