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The author has something to say: 12 o'clock later. Yiran has delayed too long today, and this chapter is a little short! I'm sorry, everyone Chapter 74 Li Cheng. I have to admit that Baoqin is a transparent person.

This Kishida Fumio is also a hot temper, the command of his people is rushed up. Suddenly, the whole meeting hall had not yet had a meeting, and it became chaotic. Seeing that the meeting hall became chaotic, Ye Yang could not help smiling at the corners of his mouth, and then proudly looked at that Sroden. PS: (Now is the time of no section, no limit, no three views. Began to ask for flowers, ask for rewards, ask for subscriptions, and ask for keeping. Whoever gives a reward will be sure to laugh tomorrow. Chapter 491 deliberate conflict (third watch). Not only was the Yakuza his enemy, but the Rothschild family was his enemy, his father's enemy, to be exact. So he was happy to see the Rothschild family have a headache, and it was true that Ye Yang's disturbance made the whole audience confused. The people of the Yamaguchi-gumi rushed over. Ye Yang winked at Huang Long. Huang Long understood and rushed over directly. Those who come to this gang meeting have already unloaded their weapons when they are at the door. Of course, Ye Yang and his group did not, because the gatekeeper all fainted, so they swaggered in, regardless of whether his machine squeaked or not. Si Ruodeng looked at Ye Yang bitterly. Although he was a little stupid,outdoor whirlpool tub, he was not a fool. Naturally, he saw that this was caused by Ye Yang. He snorted and nodded to the man behind him. The man behind him raised his gun and fired at the empty place. The gunfire rang out and all the people who were fighting stopped. Ye Yang is the old God who is drinking water there and doesn't care about it at all. "This is a gang meeting, not a place for you to fight," he snorted coldly. At this time, Donald beside him whispered a few words in his ear. Sroden's face changed slightly. He nodded and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, since we can gather together, it is natural for our power to develop better. Therefore,jacuzzi swim spa, I hope you will give up the past and elect a leader of the alliance.". Everyone sniffed, but several gangs under Rothschild's control were supportive. Ye Yang frowned and looked at the constitution and Huanglong. At this time, both of them frowned. This gang union is not like a national union, especially a global gang. Even if the Rothschild family wanted to unite them, it was impossible. Even if they are United, they all have their own ideas. The Rothschild family is not a fool. Can't you see it. But why did they do that? It's impossible to call a group of people and then make such a noise and end up with nothing. Ye Yang squinted at Donald. Yes, it was Donald. He saw from the beginning that Donald was the one who really had the ability. That Sroden was a waste. Donald seemed to feel that Ye Yang was looking at him, and he turned his head and smiled at Ye Yang. Ye Yang snorted lightly and simply closed his eyes and rested there. Although Ye Yang stopped talking, the rest of the people began to argue. As Ye Yang said, they are all heroes, how can they be willing to accept the leadership. Ye Yang had set an example for them before, arousing their discontent, and the meeting of the Rothschild family was naturally fruitless. The meeting lasted for three hours, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,5 person hot tub, and in the end, several gangs left, and even those who stayed here firmly disagreed with the Rothschild family as the leader of the alliance, but demanded a fair election, and even a rotating chairman. This makes Ye Yang look at this guy twice more. With this mind, it's a waste not to go into politics. Naturally, the meeting ended fruitlessly and will continue tomorrow. Ye Yang's mouth turned up slightly, as if he had guessed what medicine the Rothschild family was selling. Just as he was about to leave, Donald suddenly came over and smiled at Ye Yang and said, "Lord Ye, a young hero, lives up to his reputation.". Ye Yang was slightly stupefied. He frowned and said, "Do you understand Chinese?" Donald nodded and said, "a little.". Ye Yang turned up the corners of his mouth slightly and said, "There is a saying in the Chinese language that if you have nothing to do with gallantry, you will either annihilate or steal. You just complimented me. What's the matter?" Donald laughed and said, "Lord Ye really talks fast. I want to ask Lord Ye to stay here and have dinner with us." "I'm not used to American food," Ye Yang said lightly. "Chinese food and, of course, Japanese food," Donald said with a laugh. Japanese food "Ye Yang's mouth slightly turned up and said lightly:" I not only like to eat Japanese, but also like to eat Japanese women. ". After Donald left, Huang Long said, "Young master, the Rothschild family's purpose of holding this meeting is obvious. They want to find out who their real allies are.". In that case, why should we go to their banquet in the evening? Ye Yang shook his head and said, "It's not us, it's me. You can go back." "No, it's too dangerous for you to be here by yourself," the charter said suddenly. Ye Yang turned up the corners of his mouth slightly, did not speak, but looked at Huanglong. Huang Long nodded and pulled the charter away. Regulations also want to speak, Huang Long said lightly: "Don't worry, with the young master's ability, even if the United States sent a Marine Corps can not deal with him." After listening to Huanglong's words, although the constitution was slightly exaggerated, it did not say much. In the end, there were only a few gangs left, except those that had great connections with the Rothschild family, but the Yamaguchi-gumi was also left behind. Ye Yang looked at Fumio Kishida, the corners of his mouth could not help showing a sneer. Japan deserves to be a country with the surname of slaves, even learning this aspect. The host of the banquet had an interesting attitude towards Ye Yang. Donald seemed to be very enthusiastic about Ye Yang,jacuzzi suppliers, while Si Ruoden was very indifferent to Ye Yang. Of course, Ye Yang also directly ignored Si Ruodeng. Although Sroden seems to have a higher status than Donald, the final decision is made by Donald.