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Could it be that the students of Demon College had learned what powerful joint attack array to deal with him? He smiled confidently at Master Demond and said, "Your Majesty,Alumina Ceramic C795, no matter what, in the face of absolute strength, any means are useless."

Aldrich was very appreciative of Gu Wenjing's learning attitude. They chatted and then forgot about the others. The remaining fourteen students looked at them confusedly: "… …" Don't we have any sense of existence? And what the hell are you talking about? Why does it feel like we're in a fake theory class? When it was time to start, Aldrich stopped and took Gu Wenjing and others out of the exit of the college. Aldrich took out his staff, waved it, and opened the door of the dimension. An alchemical ship flew slowly out of the door of the dimension. Seeing this scene, Gu Wenjing was surprised and said, "Teacher Aldrich, your space magic is really superb!" The door of dimension is different from the door of space. The door of space only opens a space passage for a short distance, while the door of dimension is a powerful mage who is proficient in space magic to open up a dimensional space, which is equivalent to a storage space. The door of dimension was the entrance to this storage space. Aldrich opened the door of the dimension can fly out of such a large alchemy ship, you can imagine how huge the dimensional space he opened up. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< All aboard the Alchemy ship. Aldrich and Gu Wenjing stood on the bow of the boat, looking at the rapidly receding scenery outside, and said with a smirk, "When it comes to space magic, even the dean can't compare with me!" If he were not so good at space magic, how could he dare to go overseas to find the Holy Dragon Island,ceramic bobbin heater, to sigh the forest to disturb the elves, and to track the orcs in the Vagabira Ice Field? He is not a fool who doesn't want to die in order to explore the mainland. There are so many beautiful places in the world waiting for him to explore that he doesn't want to die! Of course, it is because his space magic is first-class, and his ability to escape and save his life is first-class that he dares to do so! Gu Wenjing also has a lot of research on space magic, after all, he also has a Lingquan portable space as a research material,Ceramic Bobbin, he has been trying to build his own dimensional space. But perhaps because he has spread his energy over other elemental spells, the research on space spells has not made much progress, and dimensional space has not yet been established. This time Gu Wenjing seized the opportunity to consult with Aldrich. Aldrich is not a self-treasured person, Gu Wenjing asked him for advice, he can teach, do not understand will not pretend to understand, to put it bluntly will not. Along the way, the alchemy ship flew from the Eel Academy to the capital of the Kingdom of Demond. Gu Wenjing stayed with Aldrich all the time, and they discussed pharmacy and alchemy. Aldrich is a master of alchemy, and this alchemy ship and the alchemy tree at the gate of the Academy are his proud works. Gu Wenjing, Ceramic Band Heater ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, who had long wanted to dismantle the alchemy giant tree to explore its principles, knew that Aldrich was the maker of the alchemy giant tree. How could he not seize this opportunity to ask for advice! Aldrich also consulted Gu Wenjing about pharmacy. Aldrich traveled to the mainland and knew a lot about all kinds of herbs. Unfortunately, he did not have the talent to prepare potions. He was still an apprentice in pharmacy. Arriving at the capital of the Kingdom of Demon, the alchemy ship was stopped by the Griffin Legion and could not fly over the capital. Aldrich let the alchemy ship land on the ground, he took the alchemy ship into the dimensional space, and then led the people into the city gate. They are not the first to come to the college, but they are not the latest either. Before them, there have been several teams from the college. The Demon Kingdom has a mage apprentice to lead them to their residence, and the teams of the Eighteen Academies live very close to each other. When Gu Wenjing and others arrived at the small villa assigned to the Ilyushin Academy by the Kingdom of Demon, they found that the Dean of Ilyushin was already waiting here. Aldrich smiled at Dean Earl. "When did you get here?" Smiling, the dean replied in a good mood: "I arrived one day earlier than you. I just went to the palace to enjoy the old man's expression. Haha, this league championship definitely belongs to our college!" Aldridge shook his head slightly at Dean Earl's competitiveness and said helplessly, "Even if the Academy wins the championship this time and falls off the championship throne in the next league, it will be Demond's turn to laugh at you.". ” But the dean was very proud and said, "Our college has always been inferior to Demond College. It's enough to pull him down once!" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Before the Eighteen College League is held, the King of the Kingdom of Demon, Master Demon, will entertain all the participants at the Royal Palace. Dean Earl and Aldridge went to the banquet first, followed by Gu Wenjing and his team members. At the banquet, Gu Wenjing met acquaintances, such as the branch president and Virginia's father and daughter, who followed an old man with a white beard. Looking at the attitude of others, we know that the old man with white beard has a very high status. He must be the president of the Master Association, a legendary master. Only the legendary Master Demond can invite the President. Gu Wenjing noticed that Virginia also saw him, and pointed to his father and grandfather, so that he was watched by the president of the Master's Association for a long time. After the banquet began, Master Demond looked around the young students and asked with a smile, "Who is Hall?" Gu Wenjing stood up and bowed slightly to Master De Meng. "Your Majesty, I am Hall." People's eyes fell on him, especially the badge on his chest, which symbolized the seventh level of the mage. Master Demond laughed and said, "He is really a genius. No wonder your teacher always proudly shows off that he has a good student in front of me.". But in this league, it's not so easy for you to win the championship. Our students at Demond College are not so easy to admit defeat! Gu Wenjing listened to Master Demon's words as if he was very confident, and many thoughts passed through his mind. Could it be that the students of Demon College had learned what powerful joint attack array to deal with him? He smiled confidently at Master Demond and said, "Your Majesty,Alumina Ceramic C795, no matter what, in the face of absolute strength, any means are useless." 。