Immortal Journey 2

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Could it be that the students of Demon College had learned what powerful joint attack array to deal with him? He smiled confidently at Master Demond and said, "Your Majesty,Alumina Ceramic C795, no matter what, in the face of absolute strength, any means are useless."

When Jiang Hong heard what Xu Tiancheng said, he scratched his head and said, "Oh.." As a matter of fact, I'm just talking nonsense. I can say whatever I think of. It's not that I have any understanding of the method you practice. I have seven orifices and six orifices for the magic you practice. I don't know anything about it. Brother Xu, don't take it to heart. Without waiting for Xu Tiancheng to speak, Taishang Zhenren said to Jiang Hong, "Fourth brother, you are too mean. We have been brothers for so long, but we have never seen you give us advice. When we give advice to others, it is all right. If we go on like this, we will forgive you a lot." Taishang Zhenren and Huayu Tianjun and others have watched Xu Tiancheng's magic power advance by leaps and bounds these days, but they still stay where they are. They are not only envious, but also jealous. Of course, they also secretly blame Jiang Hong for not being so stingy to them. At least they should be given some advice, so that they can make some progress, so as to balance it. Jiang Hong had no choice but to point out the Taishang Zhenren, and made some comments on the martial arts of Jinpeng God, but when it comes to the Lingxi array of Huayu Tianjun, Jiang Hong knows very little, but fortunately there are records in the small gold box, but Jiang Hong has never seen it, and finally Jiang Hong had to say that he was tired today and would talk to Huayu Tianjun another day. Although Hua Yu Tianjun is a little disappointed,10g Ozone Generator, but also take Jiang Hong no way, how to say that he is stuck here? Hua Yu Tianjun also had to sigh, no longer difficult for Jiang Hong, since Jiang Hong refused to say, he is not convenient to ask. When there is a chance in the future, I believe that with my own understanding, I can also understand something. Jiang Hong would be wronged if he was stingy and refused to pass on the Dharma to Yu Tianjun, because Jiang Hong did not have much experience of Lingxi Array,Kamado bbq grill, unlike the Sword Array of Flying Sword, Jiang Hong could tell a lot of truth casually. Although Jiang Hong himself did not practice, it was not a problem to point out the monks below Tongzun or even Jinzun. According to the records in the small gold box, among these sword arrays, the most powerful one with both offensive and defensive abilities is the King Kong Sword Array. After some thought, Jiang Hong finally decided to teach the King Kong Sword Array to Taishang Zhenren. With the improvement of his magic power, Taishang Zhenren could naturally use the King Kong sword array to make a name for himself. Maybe he could also become a master of a generation. Since Taishang Zhenren learned the Vajra Sword Array, he has been secretly feeling that the Sword Array is actually as simple as a dozen sentences, but if you really want to practice it, it is not an easy thing, often more seemingly simple things, the more difficult it will be to do, because the Vajra Sword Array is composed of eighteen flying swords, one is indispensable, it is a colorless defensive sword array. In addition, Wuwei Sword Array is a powerful offensive and defensive aggregate. To build the Vajra Sword Array, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,steatite c221, you must master the flying sword to achieve a "fine" word. Otherwise, it is impossible to practice this sword array. Taishang Zhenren has studied several times, and studied with Jiang Hong several times before he has mastered a little bit, but it is only a primary stage in the primary stage. In short, Taishang Zhenren has only seen the tip of the iceberg now. If you want to practice it, you have to take some time. In Taishang's own words, it is far away. Although Taishang Zhenren felt that it was too difficult to practice this Vajra Sword Array, its power also made Taishang Zhenren fascinated. He swore to himself that even if it took a lot of effort, he must practice this Vajra Sword Array. Otherwise, it was not the way to be protected all the time, and no one could protect him for a lifetime. After Jiang Hong taught him a set of martial arts, Jinpeng Shenjun also began to understand the magical power of Wuxiang Body Dharma. Speaking of this Wuxiang Body Dharma, in fact, at the same time, it can be said that countless Fen Shen were created and changed. These Fen Shen themselves are just a virtual shadow, but with the idea of the caster, any other Fen Shen can become his own real body. So that the opponent can not capture their true body. Of course, this kind of non-phase body method is absolutely a dream for those who rely on incantations and some noise to meet the enemy, because the other side simply can not find the true body of Jinpeng Shenjun, and so on, the other side almost found his true body, but Jinpeng Shenjun also came to the front of the other side, at close range, Wu Xiu's fierce but well-known, as long as he did not meet. Once it is touched carelessly, it is the result of either death or injury. Therefore, in the thirty-three days, people who practice weapons or curses and killings will try their best not to let him get close to them whenever they see Wu Xiu, because these monks, unlike Jian Xiu and Shu Xiu, have the ability to protect themselves at close range. Of course, Shu Xiu refers to those monks who specialize in taking people's lives by some special magic, such as Yingxue. And Hua Yu Tianjun should be cursing the example of killing monks. After two days of research, Jinpeng Shenjun and Taishang Zhenren both had a new understanding of the method they had practiced, and Jinpeng Shenjun also practiced the Wuxiang Body Method. Although he could not show its power and subtlety, he could also use it freely, and could change dozens of Fen Shen more or less, but only dozens of Fen Shen were the primary entrance of the Wuxiang Body Method. It has not really reached the highest point of the non-phase body method. Jin Peng said to Jiang Hong early in the morning, "Ha ha.." The fourth brother, now my non-phase body method is also a little small, but unfortunately there is no suitable person for me to practice. If I don't practice, I can't always find out what's wrong. It's hard to improve. If I can find a target, it's not good. Looking at Jinpeng Shenjun's expression, Jiang Hong understood a general idea. It seemed that this boy wanted to take himself as the object of practice. To put it bluntly, he wanted to take Jiang Hong as a target. Jiang Hong shook his head hurriedly and said, "You don't want to take me as a target, do you?"? This is no good, if not careful, if I hurt you,Ozone generator ceramic plate, it will be too late to regret, you still find someone else to go, I can also guide you from the side ah. 。