Jian Xiu's Way to Hit the Face [Quick Pass]

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The power of Xuanyuan's fingertips exploded directly,

The power of Xuanyuan's fingertips exploded directly, and the power dissipated like a small wind blowing on the long river that was constantly surging forward, and for the fast-flowing river of time, the wind could not even lift a drop of its water. It failed. Xuanyuan frowned, with some disappointment, but he also knew that the art of time reversal could not be successful in one experiment, although slightly disappointed, but also acceptable. Based on the previous failed experiment, Xuanyuan's handsome and elegant face showed some thoughtfulness, and began to reflect on the previous failure of this example, the art of time reversal is not easy to master, more difficult than the art of space traversing, requiring more time and patience to try hard. At that moment, there was a clear call, and a big bird with gorgeous white feathers suddenly appeared in the living room of the apartment. It stretched its wings, chirped twice at Xuanyuan, and then walked closer and rubbed against Xuanyuan twice. He stroked his head with his right hand. "Are you full?" Xuanyuan asked casually. The white bird is an auspicious spirit bird, ordinary people in the real world can not see it, because they are not monks, so Xuanyuan is very relieved to let the white bird run wild outside, and even encouraged it to eat the Qi of Shao Haosi. The white bird chirped comfortably twice, skillfully revealing its belly covered with white down feathers to signal Xuanyuan to roll twice. His right hand touched his soft stomach twice, and Xuanyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled: "I'm very full." The white bird rubbed Xuanyuan's fingers coquettishly, stared at Xuanyuan with big amber eyes for a while, and then suddenly chirped twice,fake blossom tree, as if somewhat worried and eager. Xuanyuan understood what it meant and casually rolled the head of the white bird. His expression was extremely calm, and his smile was indifferent and confident: "Don't worry about anything. Just eat as much as you want.". If something happens, I'll take care of it for you. The way of heaven in this world can't help you. Before the white bird did not dare to wantonly devour luck, in fact, it was also afraid of provoking the way of heaven to be targeted crazily. But Xuanyuan said that this was not a problem at all. He gently stroked the white bird's feathers and said in a light tone, "If it dares to trouble you, just come to me. I'd like to see the way of heaven in this world." With Xuanyuan's approval, the white bird flapped its wings and called happily twice. Now he really feels more and more that the life with Xuanyuan is too beautiful. He can eat as much as he wants. He is really too happy. The most important thing is that he no longer has to worry about the trouble of heaven. On this side, Xuanyuan and Bai Niao were happy. On the other side, when Zhao Ping returned to his home to sort out his contacts and prepare contacts to fight for resources for Xuanyuan, he finally brushed Weibo, and this brush made him see the Weibo that made his eyes almost stare out. Immediately picking up his cell phone, silk cherry blossom tree ,decorative palm trees, Zhao Ping dialed the phone number that had just been stored in the address book. At the moment when the phone was connected, he immediately asked in a hurried tone: "Did you stop a drunk van on the road this morning, stop a car accident and save many people?" Xuanyuan slightly raised eyebrows, some doubts Zhao Ping unexpectedly did not know this matter, but he still nodded, the tone is very calm said: "Well, that's right." After a pause, he asked, "It was because I saved President Mu Wenxuan that he helped me sign the contract in return. Didn't Secretary Lin tell you?" Zhao Ping:.. I didn't say that. He shook his head a little dizzy, and asked the details of Xuanyuan at that time, after hearing Mu Wenxuan took out his business card and handed it to Xuanyuan, promising "as long as I can do it, I will help you do it", but Xuanyuan only asked to sign a contract with Chen Hang, Zhao Ping felt more dizzy. Such a rare, so weighty commitment, why Qiao Zimo so simply as long as a signing requirements ah ah! It's a waste of natural resources. Can't you make a request of "wanting to be a big star"? After listening to Zhao Ping's rhetorical question, Xuanyuan felt slightly puzzled and said: "But he even promised to help me sign a contract with a very difficult look. It seems that this matter is not easy for him. He should not be able to help me become a big star, right?" Zhao Ping:.. What misunderstanding do you have about President Mu? Chapter 434 big stars in the entertainment circle 12. "There is an audition to attend tomorrow morning, so you should go to bed early tonight." Zhao Ping put the bag in his hand on the small table in front of the sofa in the living room and told him gently, "I will ask Xiao Wang to wake you up at seven o'clock tomorrow morning, and then I will send you to the audition place." The bag he put on the glass table contained several clothes that Zhao Ping took Xuanyuan to buy today. Not to mention how outstanding the brand was and how expensive the price was, they were all clothes with good design, not only classic but also fashionable. Because Xuanyuan is only a new person, so Zhao Ping went through the process to apply for the funds are not much, only bought three sets of clothes for Xuanyuan, a suit, two sets of leisure, but how also better than Qiao Zimo before he bought the stall goods, wear out is also a human model, lining this handsome and extraordinary Xuanyuan more comely pressing, elegant. It was only two days before Zhao Ping signed a contract with Xuanyuan. Zhao Ping had already won an audition for Xuanyuan. It has to be said that he moved very quickly. Of course, the reason why we can get in touch with resources so smoothly is not only because Zhao Ping has a wide network in the entertainment circle, but also because Xuanyuan has been on the hot search before and has a certain popularity. Well, Mu Wenxuan, President Mu, silently pushed the matter behind his back, and did not expose it according to the wishes of his master. President Mu likes to do good deeds without leaving a name, so remember to keep it secret and don't spill the beans, otherwise President Mu will be shy. Little Wang, who had a crew cut and an ordinary face,artificial plant wall panels, touched his head with a simple and honest smile. "Brother Qiao, I'll call you tomorrow morning. What breakfast do you want to eat tomorrow morning?"? I'll bring it to you on my way tomorrow morning. Not long after Wang was hired as Chen Hang's assistant, he was assigned to be Xuanyuan's assistant. hacartificialtree.com