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Wei Shao opened his eyes wide, gazed greedily at his daughter's sleeping face, and suddenly noticed a thin layer of sweat on her nose.

Wei Shao opened his eyes wide, gazed greedily at his daughter's sleeping face, and suddenly noticed a thin layer of sweat on her nose. He slowly stretched out his hand to her little face and reached over carefully, trying to wipe her sweat. When his fingertips almost touched her nose, he turned his head and saw Little Joe standing in front of the small window beside the screen, looking at himself. The breeze blew in slowly from the window, gently rolling the low carved curtain. The curtain could not hide the beautiful afternoon sun outside the window, and a few tiny pieces of sunlight leaked in fell on one side of her cheek, her skin was like jade, and her eyes became clearer and brighter. She looked at herself quietly, with a soft smile on her slightly upturned lips. Wei Shao's hand paused in the air for a moment. Instead of looking at her, he withdrew his eyes and immediately stood up from the edge of the bed and walked out. Passing in front of her, the figure quickly disappeared beyond the threshold. Wei Shao kowtowed to Lady Xu and said, "It's really unfilial for my grandson to come back to see my grandmother.". How is Grandmother? It was not until Wei Shao went to Bingzhou at the beginning of last year that Mrs. Xu saw him again. She was overjoyed. Holding his arm and helping him up, she looked at him for a moment and said with a smile, "Well, well, although I'm a little black and thin, I have a good spirit.". Did you go to see your wife and daughter just now? "Yes," said Wei Shao. "Your mother may miss you for a long time." "I've just sent someone to tell her," said Wei Shao. When my grandmother came out, I went to see her. Mrs. Xu nodded and said with a smile, "Just go home.". I'm fine, and I have nothing to do here. How long will you stay at home? It's important to spend more time with your wife and daughter. "Tell Grandmother that my grandson came back this time because he hadn't seen his grandmother for a long time and he was concerned about her. Second, I didn't come back when Philip was born. There was something wrong with him, so he came back before sending troops.". I'm afraid I can't stay long. I'll be leaving in a few days. Mrs. Xu glanced at him. "Are you going to attack the Lezheng brothers in Hanzhong?" "No.". Send troops to attack Langya. Destroy Langya,Steel investment casting, and then deal with the Lezheng brothers. Mrs. Xu was slightly stunned, and her expression gradually became solemn: "What's the explanation?"? "Le Zhengkaifa begged for you. Why did you attack Langya first?" "I know this Yanzhou thing, Liu Yan stirred up the muddy water from it.." She hesitated. Grandmother misunderstood, "Wei Shao smiled," I set this policy, not for revenge. It's something else. Mrs. Xu stretched her eyebrows and looked at him alone. "Tell it to grandma," she said with a twinkling smile. "Liu Yan proclaimed himself emperor with the identity of the Han clan, pretentious orthodoxy, now Langya court also gathered some people, in addition to yuan Kui,metal stamping parts, the rest are not enough to worry about, is yuan Kui, Sishui after the defeat of the first World War, now is also a teacher old people tired, strength is not as good as before.". While Liu Yan was fledgling, the whole world thought I was going to fight in Hanzhong, but I took him by surprise. I want to be divided into three groups, from Taishan, Pei, qiaocheng county three places, attack Langya and Xuzhou at the same time, to form the encirclement, then it will be like catching a turtle in a jar, Langya will be broken! Wei Shao's tone sounded quite indifferent. Lady Xu said thoughtfully, "This is really a plan to take him by surprise.". It's just a provocation in Hanzhong. If you send your troops, how do you deal with it? Wei Shao said with a smile, "Although the strength of the Lezheng family in Hanzhong is not bad, there are hidden dangers inside.". I have heard that the sons of Le Zhenggong have always been at odds with each other, die cast light housing ,alloy die casting, fighting for power and profit in secret. The death of Le Zhenggong is like a pack of wolves losing their heads, and the sons will be suspicious of each other. Le Zhengkai was a man who craved for greatness and success. Although he issued a war proclamation against me after he proclaimed himself emperor, he seemed to be impassioned, but in fact, he was forced to face up, which should be a helpless move. If I send a generous gift to appease, plus a city, to show my good heart, he will take advantage of the downhill. Let his Yue Zhengjia proclaim himself emperor in Hanzhong, brothers internal friction, I destroy Langya, and then go to attack him, then get twice the result with half the effort. When the time comes, who else can compete with me? Speaking of this, his tone finally brought out a trace of undisguised pride. Mrs. Xu slowly got up from her seat, walked to the window on crutches, and stood silently for a moment facing the distant mountains outside the window. Shao son, I count up, is also a side branch of the Han. The decline of the Han Dynasty began with Emperor Ai. If one day, you can show your ambition, you must remember that success and failure depend on each other, reason is not always peaceful, Shunde will prosper, and those who go against virtue will perish. ” "Grandchildren must remember their grandmother's teaching." Wei Shao stood up and said respectfully. Previously, Xiao Qiao was reluctant to sleep separately from his daughter at night, basically with his own bed, sleeping with the wet nurse or Chunniang in the room. Wei Shao came back today. As soon as it was dark, Philip was carried by the nurse to the next room. Little Joe followed. At the end of the day, as usual, Philip ate his milk and fell asleep sweetly. The wet nurse urged her softly, "Go, lady.". Leave it to me. Little Joe in the daughter's forehead, gently imprinted a kiss, told the wet nurse, before returning to the room. Wei Shao saw Mrs. Xu and Zhu during the day and went out, but he hasn't come back yet. Xiao Qiao took a bath under the service of Chun Niang and changed into a newly cut lake-green home-style summer clothes. After giving birth, her figure recovered quickly because of her youth. Now four months have passed, the waist is still a grip, the figure is still light, and when the girl, there is not much difference. It's just that my breasts are plump, and my clothes used to be too tight, so I can only cut a few new sets. The soft silk material covered her skin and wrapped her exquisite figure completely, but it was clear at a glance. Xiao Qiao personally prepared Wei Shao's bath clothes and waited for him in the room. It was not until very late, near the end of the night, that I heard his footsteps coming back. Little Joe went up to meet him. Wei Shao's face was expressionless, he stepped in, glanced at the bed, and turned to Xiao Qiao. Little Joe said softly, "Philip is in the next room, sleeping with the wet nurse." Wei Shao frowned, as if to say something, after all did not say, only left her, since the tube into the bathroom, "bang", closed the door. Chapter 147 Wei Shao came back very late,CNC machining parts, came out of the bathroom, had nothing to say, and went straight to bed. Little Joe then turned off the lights and climbed into bed with him. He seemed to fall asleep quickly. Little Joe gradually felt his breasts swell. Slowly turned over.